Daily Telegraph Freaks Out At British Exposure-Invents Most Bizarre Narrative Yet!

Daily Telegraph Freaks Out At British Exposure โ€” Invents Most Bizarre Narrative YetPosted on January 23, 2019The Daily Telegraph of January 22nd, 2019 conveys the most bizarre and fanciful “Russian green men under the floorboards” story yet concocted by an exposed British intelligence apparatus frantically trying to put at least a fig leaf on its naked self. Here it is: “Well-placed sources now believe that the plot to kill Col. Skripal may have included a black ops attempt to sow doubt on the veracity of the explosive dossier that claims Donald Trump received Kremlin backing. The year before the attempted assassination of Col. Skripal, a mysterious post on LinkedIn suggested his MI6 handler, who is not being named, worked as a senior analyst at Orbis Business Intelligence, the firm that produced the Trump dossier. But a number of sources have told The Telegraph that the LinkedIn profile is false โ€” if it ever properly existed at all โ€” and that Skripal’s MI6 handler never worked for Orbis. It is now suspected that the LinkedIn profile was created by the GRU, the Russian military intelligence unit which tried to kill Col. Skripal with novichok nerve agent.”READ MORE

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