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In the 01/03/2019 edition: Avoiding the Eye – Ships Free Today!FACT: The US Government is watching every move you make. Do you want a proven way to stop the collection of your personal data? Claim your FREE copy of Avoiding the Eye and we’ll rush ship it to your door today!

Read in browser » Bipartisan Support for Gun Confiscation Is GrowingJan 02, 2019 07:36 pm
By José Niño Is gun confiscation coming to Congress? The 2018 midterm elections produced a split Congress with Democrats gaining control of the House and Republicans gaining…

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2019 Money Metals OutlookJan 02, 2019 01:30 pm
By Stefan Gleason Precious metals markets enter 2019 with an opportunity to shine. Several major bullish drivers are lining up to start the New Year…

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NY Times: Arizonians Are Physically Attacking Self-Driving Cars to Protect Themselves and Loved OnesJan 02, 2019 12:42 pm
By B.N. Frank Let’s get real:  haven’t self-driving vehicles always seemed like they’re more trouble than they’re worth? Activist Post doesn’t endorse vandalism or violence. …

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