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Avoid These 8 Common Cosmetic Ingredients That Do More Harm Than Good They enter your bloodstream upon impact, and become integrated into your body tissues – wreaking havoc on your kidney, liver and endocrine system. In fact, one is even linked to mammary tumors. Avoid it like the plague, use this instead. Read More >>

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This ‘Reflex’ Explains Why You Can’t Trim Your Midsection Those who are naturally thin may be judgmental about the plight of their more rotund peers. ‘Why can’t they just slim down?’ they ask. But this reflex, which sets off adaptive biochemical and physiological changes, is likely what’s stopping you. Read More >>  
Don’t Be Tempted to Eat Raw Cookie Dough Cookies and dough crafts may be part of your traditions, but they also increase your risk of contracting a dangerous foodborne pathogen. A combination of safe handling procedures and healthy treats may reduce your risk. Read More >>  
Discover the Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea When something is called the ‘champagne of teas,’ you know that it’s not an ordinary beverage. Learn why Darjeeling tea has earned this moniker and discover how this tea can work wonders for your health. Read More >>  

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How Could 127 Million People Be Wrong? One of the best-kept secrets of Japan is Royal Matcha Green Tea. Shade-grown to maximize the energy boost from chlorophyll and selectively harvested only once a year, Organic Royal Matcha Green Tea is rich in potent polyphenol antioxidants.

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