Will Trump’s America First Plans Be Activated With Mad Dog Mattis Gone (Globalist, British Empire Lap Dog Mattis)

With the Generals gone, Trump’s ‘America First’ plans might now fully emerge

by TUT editor

ed note–an extremely important article in underscoring certain realities that have framed much of Trump’s moves over the last 2 years and why as of this moment certain ‘experts’ have been unable to discern the reasons behind many of Trump’s moves and maneuvers.

Mattis was indeed one in a long line of ‘establishment’ people Trump utilized, but then, who was he supposed to appoint? Alex Jones for Sec. of Defense? Jeff Rense for Secretary of Hair Design? David Duke for HUD? Jim Fetzer for HHS? Gordon Duff for Atty General?

The point is, you utilize who/what you have at your disposal in moving forward, including the likes of creatures such as Mattis, McMaster and yes, even Pompeo and Bolton, because an administration without functioning gears is doomed, and, just as Patton did following the defeat of Germany after WWII, he utilized competent officials from the former 3rd Reich in managing the smooth functioning of necessary ‘business’, because without them, there was no getting anything done.

And no, we are not comparing the creatures Trump has utilized up to this point with former Nazis, so all the usual screechers can just cool their jets.

The point is that Trump appointing certain individuals he deems confident within their particular sphere of expertise despite their obvious problematic intellectual and political deficiencies does not automatically and axiomatically mean that Trump has signed on with their particular world view, and therefore, all those who work themselves into frothing fits of political epilepsy everytime Trump appoints some nefarious figure to some post, perhaps what you should do instead of drowning in your own saliva is to just wait and see what happens a page or two later before writing an erroneous end to a story that was not your creation to begin with. Read more of this post

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