TRUMP NEEDS YOUR HELP IN THE COUP AGAINST HIM LaRouchePAC: Why the Mike Flynn Case is a Call to Action-We Need Your Help Right Now!

Why the Mike Flynn Case is a Call to Action – We Need Your Help Right Now

Friend, Yesterday, December 18th, an atrocity occurred in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., something which will go down in our history as akin to an attack by foreign terrorists. There were three victims. One was Michael Flynn, who appeared to be sentenced for lying to the FBI. Another was Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, who is presiding over the Flynn case. And the final victim was, potentially, the United States of America. As we reported, Judge Sullivan went crazy from the bench, lambasting the Lieutenant General and combat veteran for crimes, including treason, and using the White House premises to lobby for the Government of Turkey. The media ate it up. These are crimes which Flynn never, ever, committed or was even close to committing, but which sprung from the inflamed mind of Judge Sullivan. The actual record reveals that Flynn was targeted by British intelligence, beginning in 2014, for “softness” on Russia, and setup by Robert Mueller and an out of control FBI, desperate to overturn the results of the 2016 election, by any means necessary. (see these 3 reports: #1, #2, #3)

Judge Sullivan was, prior to yesterday, one of the most worthy icons of the civil rights movement as well as a Judge celebrated for taking on assaults against our Constitution, most notably the Justice Department’s bogus case against former Senator Ted Stevens. He tossed the Stevens case because of egregious prosecutorial misconduct. Similar misconduct was before Judge Sullivan yesterday, in the documentary record Judge Sullivan himself created, in Michael Flynn’s case. It is apparent that Judge Sullivan has imbibed, in one form or another, the poison which now completely infects our political environment. This poison flows from the ongoing coup against Trump and Mueller’s attempt to legally assassinate the President. Decent people have gone stark raving mad. There is a very dangerous war fever against Russia and China, with former anti-war activists beating the drums for war. Those who used to guard our Constitution suddenly applaud actions which would make J. Edgar Hoover blush. Our entire media/entertainment complex competes to find the most inflammatory sick jokes and fake analyses which can be offered to disparage and undermine the voters who elected Donald J. Trump as President of the United States.

This Christmas season, can you help us with a donation? We need your support to expand our outreach and stop the coup against President Trump.


Meanwhile, the business of the country is completely stalled as we face a new major depression. We need to reimpose Glass Steagall now, before the crash hits. We need a major and massive economic revival in this country, a complete modern infrastructure platform, which can only be built based on the economic principles of Hamilton, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and LaRouche. We need a crash program to develop fusion power. We need to return to space as a matter of basic science and the national imagination. We need to start this revival now, before the crash hits.

So far, the Congress and now the Courts have utterly failed to stop the coup.That means you must help us turn the tide now. Everywhere we go we find an aroused and thinking population asking what they can do. The answer is simple. You need to educate yourself about how to run the world’s economy. You need to master the ideas which built this country. You need the intellectual confidence to lead the present fight and to change our present trajectory. Our movement is based on a war on behalf of the unique ideas of Lyndon LaRouche, a method of thinking which involves using our minds like a boxer uses his fists. This is the means to create a complete popular rejection of the coup while also creating a future for the nation.

In the Christmas season, we compete with many things for the funds necessary to win this fight. We are asking you to contribute now, to help us make sure the atrocity of yesterday does not and cannot stand. We are at a turning point. Please, help us right the ship of state and to create our nation’s future.

Thank you for your continued support for LaRouchePAC,
Barbara Boyd

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