The Host and The Parasite

Very few are aware that Israel’s Mossad planned
to assassinate President George H.W. Bush

He told Israel that the U.S. would not give it $10 million in loan guarantees until it stopped building illegal settlements in the West Bank and Gaza.

Bush at a 9/12/91 White House press conference explaining why he was “one lonely little guy” standing up for the for U.S. national interest against “powerful political forces” demanding loan guarantees to Israel.

Bush was the last U.S. president to compel Israel to work toward a permanent peace in Palestine, and almost paid the ultimate price for it, as detailed in the book below:
“We know that peace must also be based on fairness. In the absence of fairness, there will be no legitimacy—no stability. This applies above all to the Palestinian people, many of whom have known turmoil and frustration above all else. Israel now has an opportunity to demonstrate that it is willing to enter into a new relationship with its Palestinian neighbors; one predicated upon mutual respect and cooperation.”
Softcover, 549 pages, $30
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Learn about the assassination attempt, and how after Bush’s presidency the Israeli occupation of the U.S. government was consolidated through a succession of loyal stooges.

The Host & The Parasite is the one book that demonstrates how the U.S. lost its independence and became the overseas possession of a foreign, criminal, imperial power.

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Add Greg’s other book, Exploding Middle East Myths(softcover, 282 pages, $15), for further proof that the U.S. is no longer in control of its destiny.
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