President Trump is Getting the Bush Treatment For the Same Reason: Wants Peace in Middle East

President George H.W. Bush’s failed re-election campaign illustrates what happens when pro-Israel voters get mad

by TUT editor

ed note–translated–

‘We, the Jews, made sure he didn’t get re-elected because of his push for a ‘peace deal’ between Israel and the Arabs’.

This is an important piece to read in light of several items–

1. The fact that the very same process of destroying Trump’s political strength is taking place at this very moment, and for the very same reasons–Trump’s insistence upon a ‘peace deal’ in the Middle East,


2. That whenever it is alleged by someone that Jews are king-makers or king-breakers in America (and throughout the West) whenever some politico has gotten on the bad side of Judea Inc, all the various heads making up the Judaic hydra go into instantaneous screech mode in shouting down such assertions as a ‘blood libel’ and an ‘anti-Shemitic canard’.

And yet we have it here in black and white in all its clarity–GHWB lost re-election because of the concerted efforts of Jewry, and all of it due to his position on Israel.

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