Neo-Nazi Convicted of Murder Over Charlottesville Rampage While Mass Murderers in D.C. Unaccountable

Neo-Nazi convicted of murder over Charlottesville rampage faces life term

by TUT editor

Jurors shown images of James Alex Fields Jr. chanting anti-Semitic and homophobic slogans at white supremacist rally ahead of fatal car ramming

ed note–And there, ladies and Gentile-men, is the icing on the cake.

That Charlottesville was a disaster waiting to happen was apparent to anyone with 3 functioning brain cells from a mile away. The WN swamp thing that came crawling up from the bubbling abyss years ago and began its campaign of growling, hissing and in general acting in the menacing, ugly and obnoxious manner scripted for it by the Judaic mad scientists who test-tubed this tar baby into existence has now ‘come of age’ and is doing exactly what it was genetically programmed to do by its designers–make all substantive and justified criticism and critique of Judaic power appear violent, unhinged and dangerous.

And people wonder why Trump is forced to jump through all sorts of flaming hoops in distancing himself from ‘the JQ’ when he is forced to contend with idiocy of this type. Read more of this post

TUT editor | 12/09/2018 at 9:34 | Categories: Uncate

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