If I were to put on my prediction hat, I would place the use of a generalized EMP weapons as a primary weapon to be used against the American people to no longer be one of my primary concerns. Why? Mostly due to the utter devastation. After all, what power would want to take over a country that would experience such devastation? Following an EMP attack, the infrastructure would be devastated. To most, this would constitute a disincentive to take over an EMP devastated country. However, the intelligence that I am being exposed to is relentless in the expressed belief that an EMP attack is coming.

Many sources have established the fact that following an EMP attack, the grid and the vast majority of unprotected electronics would be wiped out. Rebuilding would be a nightmare. After a few days, obtaining clean drinking water is the biggest challenge to human survival. The Naval War College estimated that 90% of the population would perish within a year and the major cause of death would be water-borne illnesses. Again, both myself and some of my best sources thinks that this is a counterproductive move to take over a country. However, as I reported in the past several months, there have a couple of events  that has spoken to the fact that the United Nations is involved in a possible EMP attack against the United States. Before going further, I would like to state that I don’t think generalized EMP weapons will be used against the US. Yet, I think it likely that a localized application of EMP weapons will be employed against air bases that house America’s air cover that would be used to counter a future Red Dawn threat.

To be very clear, both the Russians and the Chinese possess the latest EMP weapons. Waiting in the wings, is the UN hoping to lure them both into their sphere of influence which will culminate in an invasion of the United States.

UN EMP Proof Communications Equipment

Unleashing an EMP attack could devastate an adversary and moving in EMP proof communications equipment could facilitate a take over. Several months ago, Paul Martin and I were sent photos, like the one below, depicting UN-based communications equipment designed to survive an EMP attack.

Storing UN Vehicles

un war vehicle


Mike Adams  wrote an article which detailed a new class of EMP weapons.  Allow this to serve as a backdrop for the following parts of this article, which makes the case that the UN is operating on US soil, in places like Rawlins, Wyoming and Hagerstown, Maryland, and they are prepared to survive an EMP attack prior to asserting their authority over the people of the United States. It should be noted that these weapons are both Russian and Chinese in origin.

The United Nations Personnel Vehicles Are Seemingly Everywhere

The United Nations is clearly on the move across the United States. For the past year four years, I am getting reports and photos from Georgia, Alabama and Texas. However, the most interesting photos are coming out Rawlins, Wyoming and Hagerstown, Maryland.

Logic would presuppose an attack would be coming, but to what degree? I still maintain that a widespread EMP attack would be illogical. A conquered United States has much to offer in terms of resources and human capital. But what if the EMP attack that so many are hearing about is not general, but local?

Mysterious F-16 Crash Near the Mexican-Arizona Border

emp brings down f-16


In June of 2015, I reported that Russian proxy forces, armed with Russian localized EMP technology were responsible for bringing down an F-16 piloted by an Iraqi general flying near the Mexican border. I reported at that time that Russia had very possibly had fired the first shots of World War III through its proxy forces, ISIS. The original search teams could not find the pilot, until they realized that he did not eject. The plane just fell from the sky. It was obviously an EMP hit.

I have an update on the leaked findings of the crash site and the implications are not favorable to the US and its citizens.

Is This What Happened to a US Fighter in Iraq?

From Russia Today:

“United States Central Command denies Islamic State’s claim that its fighters shot down a US warplane and killed the crew in Iraq’s western Anbar province.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) claimed that the jet was flying near Ain Al-Asad air base, which is run jointly by Iraq and the US about 100 miles north of Baghdad”.

Because of what I have learned about the Russians, ISIS and localized EMP weapons, whenever I read about an incident, like the one reported by Russia Today, I wonder if it was brought down by a localized Russian EMP weapon and at the heart of the incident, is ISIS. As far as the incident reported by Russia Today, I have no idea about the actual circumstances surrounding this news report. However, the use of Russian EMP weapons, designed to bring down a plane is not new. The implications are frightening and this is something that needs to appear in our national discussions regarding terrorism.


More Details on the Background of the F-16 Crash at the Mexican Border

An Iraqi pilot who had been training in the United States for four years was flying an F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft, on a training mission, that crashed in southern Arizona near the Mexican border. At that time, a spokesman for the Iraqi Defense Ministry confirmed that Brigadier General Rasid Mohammed Sadiq Hasan was alone in the F-16 Fighting Falcon when it went down during a training mission.


This Was No Simple Crash

On the surface this appears to be a tragic accident as an Iraqi pilot, who was our partner in our fight against ISIS, was tragically killed in an accident. In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth.

At the time of this crash, I had two confidential sources, one who is on the inside, and another who has connections to those on the inside, and they were both saying the same thing, and they are still holding to their story that; “The crash of this F-16 plane was no accident”. The circumstantial evidence forms a “preponderance of the evidence” which supports the fact that Russia is ultimately responsible for the take down of this particular F-16,  in Arizona, in June of 2015.

Contrary to what some have published since this event, in which they claim that this F-16 was shot down. The plane was not shot down, it was brought down.

My sources have stated that General Lloyd Austin, commander of US Central Command, along with key members of his staff have privately stated that this crash not as an accident, but not as a shoot down, but as a take down. It was a take down by a localized and focused EMP blast aimed at the plane. We never heard any further developments on this event since this revelation by General Austin, until some intelligence information was recently leaked.

Here is what I previously reported:

  1. Originally, the first responders could not find the pilot. They assumed he ejected in a last ditch effort to save himself. After the flames were extinguished, the pilot’s badly burned remains were found in the cockpit. To the crash site investigators, this was a stunning revelation, but the facts made sense when they considered the EMP scenario.
  2. The pilot never issued an emergency distress call, nor did the emergency equipment, which can to do the same, issue a distress beacon. They were likely disabled by the EMP.
  3. The plane did not crash in the traditional sense of the word. The plane simply fell from the sky. The plane did not break apart until final impact. In other words, it was not shot down. However, crash site investigators were originally confused because of the abrupt manner that the plane dropped from the sky. Again, from a circumstantial point of view, the EMP argument made the most sense.

Enter DHS into the investigation, and the trail of information went black and the upset military began leaking their findings.


The Changing World of EMP Weapons

The proliferation of EMP weapons has expanded beyond previously unimagined levels. There are how to manuals on how to make your own. However, the type of weaponry designed to take down an F-16 flying at about 10,000 feet would have to be amazingly sophisticated and would likely be guided by portable radar with the assistance of lasers and satellite uplinks.

A Stunning Connection and Conclusion

it is notable that  Chinese (military-owned) solar energy zones are located near planned international corridor highways (e.g. Canamex and NAFTA Super Highways) for easy transport of these soon-to-be mined mineral resources for shipping back to China. When the Red Dawn invasion occurs, the American economy will be in chaos and the Chinese will be in the midst of acquiring vast mineral resources for which they have prepositioned their covert military assets in this country. When we consider that the Russians have already employed a localized EMP weapon on American soil and add to that, the UN has a significant presence on American soil, this is a prescription for disaster for the US.

Chinese Solar Energy Zones are appearing in multiple locations in such places as Southwestern Arizona and also near Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Barstow, CA. and Victorville, CA., and now I am receiving on the ground reports from Colorado and Utah as well. These designated Solar Energy Zones have very similar variables in common. The following chart indicates that the debt compensation being paid to the Chinese will consist of complete control of the solar industry and will be expanded to other energy sources (e.g. hydroelectric and nuclear power). This practice has been happening on Indian reservations as well.

 The Common Sense Show has learned that the inland ports of Stockton and Sacramento California are loaded with Chinese soldiers.  Take a look at the following chart, do you think this is a coincidence or a conspiracy?

Chinese Solar on Bundy’s Ranch              Arizona Solar Farm

Chinese money backing project Chinese money involved in project
Creation of Agenda 21 “Solar Energy Zone” Creation of Agenda 21 “Solar Energy Zone”
Located near a Canamex Highway (I-15) Located near a Canamex Highway (1-10)
Located near a major energy source (Hoover Dam) Located near a major energy source (Palo Verde Nuclear Plant)
Located near a major military base (Nellis AFB) Located near a major military base ancillary facilities (Luke AFB)

What is lacking in this report is a smoking gun relationship between the Chinese and the UN. However, it is not a stretch to believe that the Chinese would have any hesitation in this matter. After all, the Chinese are intimately involved in CALEXIT and their DEWs are being used to start fires in No. California.

The Iraqi general was flying out Davis-Monthan AFB that also has a nearby Chinese solar energy farm. President Trump needs to nationalize all Chinese solar energy farms because they are a threat to the national security of this country.


A Successful Red Dawn Invasion Would Have to Negate Superior American Air Cover to be Successful

Please note that any invasion of America’s Southwest underbelly would have to negate American air cover. It has also  been pointed out in this article, that these solar energy farms located adjacent or near American domestic airbases which could easily be negated.

Although I do not see the utility for our adversaries to bring down the entire grid with an EMP, I have no trouble believing in a localized EMP attack like the one that took down the Iraqi General would be used to negate American air cover during a Red Dawn invasion.

I have reported that it is my belief that the Russians would favor a military alliance with the US against the NWO. Please remember, that when Russian EMP weapons were used against the previously referenced F-16,  a hostile Obama was President. Trump represents hope for this alliance. However, make no mistake about it, the Russians are hedging their bets. If the alliance does not materialize, Russia will join with China, in combination with the United Nations and they will invade the United States.

In January of 2019, the House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats, has control over all military funding. The wall will be dead, funding  for border security will be withheld and the US will be overrun by the caravans and that will mark beginning of the end. Trump has one month to get this right. 

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