Energy Company Runs Over Homeowners; Gets Everything They Want From Corrupted Judge


We wanted to provide you with a couple legal updates in our fight to stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Last week, local landowners in St. Martin Parish took Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) back to court after ETP trespassed on their property without their permission. ETP proceeded to cut trees and lay pipe on their property, despite several actions taken by Water Protectors to blockade this illegal construction. On Thursday, the Judge issued his ruling in favor of ETP, granting the easement despite his acknowledgement that ETP was illegally trespassing during the construction process. The judge ordered ETP to pay landowners just $150 each for damages and the loss of their land.

“From my perspective its more of the same. Break the law, stomp on the Fifth Amendment, get a slap on the wrist via the good ol’ boys club.” says Cherri Foytlin, Indigenous Councilmember of the L’eau Est La Vie Camp. “ETP trespasses and destroys the land and only has to pay $150 dollars. It has been proven that we did not even trespass, had total permission to be there, and we are facing felony charges. That’s not justice, thats state sponsored larceny with a side of f*** you to land rights and personal freedoms.” 

In anticipation of the court’s mismanagement of justice and failure to hold ETP accountable, Water Protectors held a satirical rally outside of the courthouse. Instead of showing up to protest ETP, Water Protectors dressed up as greedy, self-indulgent Capitol elite (inspired by The Hunger Games.) and cheered in favor of eminent domain for corporate gain. Check out the hilarious video of ETP’s corporate legal team being cheered on by the rally here. 

We also recently had 14 Water Protectors go before a judge in Ibberville Parish in order to resolve their charges from various actions taken to halt construction. We are grateful that none of them were sentenced to more jail time, but collectively we were hit with over $3,000 dollars in fines. We need your support. Help share the cost with those on the frontlines, please consider donating to our legal fund:

More updates coming soon,

L’eau Est La Vie Camp

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