13 [illuminati] Companies Poisoning You With Toxic Products….Dr. Mercola


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Avoid This Vitamin, Even if Your Doctor Endorses It

Using these nutrient terms interchangeably is a recipe for disaster. Yet even practitioners do it. The wrong one cripples your brain’s ability to think, hinders your NK cells, fatigues your liver and invites toxins to take up residence. Check your supplements for these specific words on the label today.


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The 13 Companies Poisoning You With Toxic Products

This year’s Mind the Store campaign evaluated 40 top retailers for the chemical safety of their products, food and packaging. Four received A-grades and three giants ranked ‘most improved.’ However, these 13 favorites failed miserably.


toxic chemicals in consumer products

Biosolids Are Contaminating Your Food

Biosolids are treated sewage sludge that typically contain concentrated pharmaceuticals and chemicals, used to fertilize farmland. There is belief that the EPA controls are incomplete. Here’s how you can avoid biosolids in your garden.


biosolids contaminating food

Gasoline Ingredient Found in Blood Pressure Meds

A treatment for blood pressure has been recalled for the second time in five months. With simple lifestyle and nutrition changes, you may reduce your risk of suffering high blood pressure.


blood pressure medicine valsartan recalled due to toxic contaminants

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Does Your Blood Pressure Concern You?

Grape seed extract, the prime ingredient in Blood Pressure Support, has been the topic of much research over the past couple of decades. This ingredient has been clinically proven to help support healthy blood pressure and nitric oxide levels already in the normal range.

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