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IDF member indicted in Colombia for smuggling 234 kgs of cocaine

by TUT editor

Lawyer for Roy Erez believes the courts will conclude his client was ‘deceived’ by criminals

ed note–let us, for the sake of any ‘newbies’ here, translate a few items from the otherwise confusing and contradictory Hebrew-speak contained herein to the plain, honest, guileless and easy-to-understand dialect of Gentilism–

‘In my experience, I have full confidence in the Colombian judicial system and the human rights situation in the prisons. My client is a positive person with values, and I believe that the court will find that he was deceived by criminal elements’.


‘As an Israeli national living in Colombia, my role as an attorney is merely cover for my espionage activities on behalf of the Jewish state, and decades ago, through the methods of bribery, blackmail, murder and corruption, we brought the Colombian government to heel and therefore we are confident that this will all blow over as have previous events similar (and even more serious) in nature through the aforementioned means and methods.

As far as the ‘deception’ on the part of ‘criminal elements’ referenced by the spy posing as an attorney, what he is clearly referencing in coded language is that any Jew being arrested for criminal activities in Colombia is considered a ‘criminal’ act in that–

A. Jews are God’s chosen people and no one–and ESPECIALLY a Gentile–may lift a hand against them,


B. The arrest itself constitutes a breach of contract between Israel and Colombia where Israel and her operatives who are engaged in international organized crime activities–including drugs, human trafficking, murder for hire, espionage, illegal arms dealing, etc–are to be free from arrest and/or harassment while plying their ‘trade’.

You see, it really is all very simple once you understand the dialect being spoken.

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