US Rejects Israeli Demand That Convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard Be Allowed to Move to Israel

US rejects Israeli demand that convicted spy Jonathan Pollard be allowed to move to Israel

by TUT editor

ed note–Kind of a strange decision on the part of an administration headed by a president who is said to be the ‘favored son of Judea’. I guess the obvious lesson here is that there is more to all of this than meets the superficial eye of all those experts who claim otherwise.

Please note one of those ‘how they do it’ whoppers in the following line regarding Pollard having provided Israel with ‘hundreds of classified documents’ that he had obtained as a civilian intelligence specialist for the US Navy.

It was not hundreds, it was close to a million, all of which were classified ‘SCI’–meaning ‘secret compartmented intelligence’, the highest classification possible  within the USGOV. Furthermore,

Pollard’s treason was not just ‘theoretical’ in terms of the danger in which he placed America for the sake of ‘home sweet home, meaning Israel, but in fact led to the deaths of as many as 1,000 people operating in an intelligence capacity for America whose identities were discovered.

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