US Judge Restore’s Acosta’s Press Pass to the White House. Outrageous!!!


US Judge Temporarily Restores Acosta’s Press Pass to White House

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The Acosta case is still pending after CNN filed a lawsuit against the White House. Meanwhile, numerous US media outlets sided with CNN in the case, including Fox News, New York Times and others.

US District Judge Timothy Kelly temporarily restored the White House press credentials of correspondent Jim Acosta Friday during CNN’s Lawsuit hearing against the Trump administration.

My Comment:  All Major US Media owned by ZIONISTS.  They are very very biased and omit the most important news.  Satanic crimes are generally not reported on nor is elite pedophilia reported on.



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By Kevin Breuninger
November 16, 2018

CNN’s lawsuit underscored Trump’s increasingly hostile relationship with many mainstream media outlets, which he regularly decries as “fake news” and “the enemy of the people.”

CNN had sought a resolution behind the scenes for several days before filing suit against the White House, according to the network.

The White House had no immediate comment on the decision, or the question of whether the administration will file an appeal of the ruling.

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