Trump’s Attacks on [ZIONIST Owned] Media Are Working!

Slimes Caption: President Trump has made denigrating the news media one of his administration’s identifying features.
NY Times: Trump’s Attacks on the News Media Are Working
More so than any other institution, the true power of The New World Order crime gang depends upon its wholly-owned CIA Fake News — with Sulzberger’s Slimes being first and foremost among the illusion makers. The press serves as the blindfold and the earplugs which keep scores of millions of normies deaf, dumb and blind to the sad reality of their own oppression. Take away Fake News (remove the blindfold), and the whole structure will, in due time, collapse of its own weight. Like the good book says: “The truth shall set you free.”
It is therefore with great pleasure and satisfaction that we read this concerned admission coming from Jim Rutenberg (cough cough) of the Jew York Slimes. He writes:
“Increasingly, the president’s almost daily attacks (on the press) seem to be delivering the desired effect, ….It’s as if President Trump has hit the journalism industry with a denial-of-service attack.The president has succeeded in casting journalists as the prim foils on his never-ending reality show, much to the delight of those who cheer him on at rallies.”
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1. Libtard geek Jim Rutenberg, and many other journalists, are now admitting that Trump’s relentless attacks are badly damaging the media’s credibility. //  2. The term “Fake News” was originally invented to attack Internet activists who were exposing the Demonrat child-sex-torture-murder scandal known as “Pizzagate.” Trump, in a classic martial arts move, has taken the power of the phrase and redirected it back at the “mainstream media,” over and over and over again.
Trump’s repeated attacks involve much more strategy than even most of his supporters might suspect. It’s clear not only to Sugar and me, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times, but also to Rottenberg that Trump has been deliberately inviting the Piranha Press to attack him in order to not only make himself immune to such attacks, but also to get the normies to thinking, “The media is attacking Trump yet again.” Rutenberg explains the deviously delightful dynamic:

“By engaging with his ceaseless attacks and baseless claims, are journalists falling into a trap? That’s the view of Steven Pinker, a Harvard professor of cognitive science, … With its saturation coverage of the pipe bombs, Mr. Pinker argued on Twitter“The press gets gamed again.”

In a telephone interview, he said the news media had read too much into the acts of one disturbed person. … He conceded, though, that the news media cannot ignore Mr. Trump. And there’s the conundrum. This president “speaks a lot and tweets a lot without his material being vigorously vetted, and there are many more factual inaccuracies … But by so often putting his words under a microscope, journalists may give the impression to Mr. Trump’s supporters and even some undecided voters that they are out to get him.”  (emphasis added)

A conundrum indeed! If the Fake News fights back, they confirm that they are biased. If the jackals don’t return Trump’s fire, then he’ll just keep pummeling them anyway without getting hit back. This is getting to be fun to watch!

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Trump is making journalists lose their minds. If they keep attacking him — even over a legitimate misstatement of fact — it confirms Trump’s claims of media bias. If they stop attacking him, he will gain popularity.


If “The Red Wave” (Republican) materializes one week from now, the Fake News (which is currently still selling the coming Blue Wave, at least in the House) will be further discredited. At that point, there’s no telling what Trump and his re-balled Republican majorities can accomplish in 2019 and beyond. Trump has already stated that he’d like to tackle the dangerous accumulation of public debt; invite Putin to the White House (oh the Globalist butt-hurt!); make a new trade deal with China; finish a peace deal with North Korea; and address (perhaps audit?) the Federal Reserve. And God only knows what bombs Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller (both working for Trump) (Working for Trump or sabotaging him?) are preparing to drop on The Deep State.

Though there is cause for cautious optimism about the declining influence of the Fake News, there is still one institution which, if not repaired and reformed soon, may render all the other good works useless in the long run — and that’s the educational system, from kindergarten through university. The Communist teachers’ unions and Communist college professors are corrupting the minds and souls of our young people and mass-producing stupid, weak and morally degenerate libtards at an alarming rate. If Academia’s Satanic sons-of-bitches aren’t crushed into dust and scattered to the winds, then the cancer will only come back in due time.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s first see if Q-Anon’s predicted “Red Tsunami” actually happens next week.


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A Red Wave on November 6th will further discredit the Marxist Media which has been predicting a Democrat House takeover.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump’s relentless attacks on the media are having their intended effect.

Boobus Americanus 2: By attacking the free press, Trump is undermining the very foundations of our democracy.



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My Comment:  Love this article although I don’t agree that Robert Mueller is working FOR Trump;  He is there to take Trump down.  Mueller is a Zionist attack dog working for the Zionist Mafia who ARE the Deep State running America into RUIN.

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