This Guy Has Very Good Points! Once CIA Always CIA! Good Critical Analysis! I Fell For Steele Too!

My Comment:  Although I agree the Zionists are the PROBLEM I don’t think IRAN is any problem for anyone EXCEPT ZIONISTS who have a problem with every sovereign nation around them if anyone has noticed.  The ZIONISTS LiterALLY don’t like ANYBODY!  They ARE CRIMINALS.  Robert Steele is probably still working with the CIA to hijack legitimate activists, get them to waste their time on fruitless and time consuming lawsuits, send them into a cul-de-sac or other diversion/even on air on the interviews.  NO ONE SHOULD BE PUSHING WAR WITH IRAN OR EVEN SANCTIONS.  THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING TO US.  WE HAVE PREVIOUSLY FORCED COUP INSTALLED LEADERS ON THEM.  THIS IS WARFARE BY COUP.  

Im starting to think your a Zionist shill. Trump is not a wildcard or a independent for any means. This guy is run and funded by major corporations and Zionism as well as Goldman Sachs and the Israeli Zionist psychopaths. He will never expose Israel for 9/11 or anything else. Be truthful


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tod jones
Steele constantly speaks out against the Zionists. I agree Trump is either a true Zionist or putting on the greatest scam that the Zionists have ever experienced.


Lisa Cheney
All these bs lies from Robert Steele if that’s even his real name, and people like him are just to keep us stupid. And looking the other way. tRump is nasty and he’s not in it for the people. he has a huge debt to pay to his masters. And he’s doing what he’s told. He’s a straight up coward.

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