The Evil Empire Strikes Back (With a Wave of Demonrats Sweeping the House)


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House Speaker-Elect Nancy Pelosi 

The Evil Empire Strikes Back!

The combination of Deep State treachery, Piranha Press propaganda, and the appalling immorality and retard-level stupidity of scores of millions of our degenerate “fellow Americans”  has slowed down The Trump Train as Repubs gained seats in the Senate, but lost their important House majority. The coming conflict and obstructionism will block much of the Trump agenda and may, should the economy falter, position the Communist Demonrats to knock him out of The White House in 2020.
Meet just a few of the malicious incoming chairmen of powerful House Committees that will be setting the legislative agenda — each one dumber, and angrier, and nastier than the other:
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1. Maxi-Pad Waters: Financial Services Committee // 2. Suspected rapist of kidnapped Haitian toddlers, Adam Schiff (cough cough): House Intelligence Committee // 3. Elijah Cummings: Oversight and Government Reform


As we projected yesterday, massive voter fraud occurred in the predominately Black / Hispanic Demonrat precincts. If nothing is done about it this time — then stick a fork in America. We’re finished. But if Trump is indeed the historical hero that his hard-core devotees believe him to be, then there is no excuse now for him and AG Sessions not to drop the hammer on this massive fraud that has been going on for a long, long time — especially with the emergence of damning “Project Veritas” undercover videos taken at polling places in Texas and New Jersey just yesterday. See the shocking video clips below. We’ll wait here for ya.





The evidence is now in your hands and the next chess move is yours, Mr. President. You had promised to respond with the full force of your office to the voter fraud which you evidently knew would be committed on Election Day, and indeed it has been. How you and your generals respond to this blatant commission of federal crimes (which we all know was happening nationwide) will tell us if you truly have the stuff of an Andrew Jackson or a Joe McCarthy; or if you’re only just a slightly ballsier version of Ronald Reagan. Perhaps Trump will show us, in due time, that he and Sessions set a trap for the Communist scum, and that they took the bait? Perhaps, but don’t hold your breath on that theory. In any case, we shall know soon enough.
Gotta cut this one short, boys and girls — between the monitoring of results and the aftermath of too much coffee, we were up very late last night.
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What will Trump actually do about the voter fraud? 


  Boobus Americanus 1: We won the House!!!

Boobus Americanus 2: That’s awesome. This will tie Trump’s hands and prevent further authoritarianism.



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ANYT / 2018 / QUARTER 3


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NY Times: Two Vastly Different Election Outcomes That Hinge on a Few Dozen Close Contests

Even modest late shifts among undecided voters or a slightly unexpected turnout could significantly affect results.


We all witnessed how, during QFS 2016 (Quadrennial Freak Show), Sulzberger’s Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press attempted to sway the election in favor of Killary Clinton by — in addition to constantly trashing Trump while puffing up the Hildebeast —  presenting her victory as a foregone conclusion supported by “scientific” polls. The fraudulent polls were intended to attract the bandwagon types who want to be on the winning side, while demoralizing Trump supporters in order to keep them at home. The rigged polls, as we well know, turned out to be garbage.

So, boys and girls, be not troubled by predictions of a “Blue Wave” in the House of Representatives — such as this attempt at demoralization excerpted from today’s Slimes:

“Democrats appear poised to win the House popular vote on Tuesday by a wide margin, with national polls showing sustained disapproval of President Trump …”

The Demonrats “appear poised to win,” eh? Just like Killary “appeared poised to win” in 2016? Now, get a load of the next weasel-worded clause of that very same sentence:

” — and yet the fate of the chamber is not a foregone conclusion.” 

In other words, the Demonrats may win back control of the House — or, — the Republicans may maintain control of the House. Brilliant analysis! Absolutely prophetic!

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Having been made fools liars of in 2016, the Slimes is now qualifying its pro-Demonrat forecast.


Opinions and predictions about future events are like butt-holes. Everybody has got one; but until the thing-in-question has actually happened, it all amounts to just blowing-out air. Nonetheless, because many of you have nervously written to Sugar and me, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times asking who will win the House (Senate is not even a question as even libtards are conceding GOP control) we’ll toot our prediction as well — adding the weasel-worded caveat that “we could be wrong.”

Here it goes: We predict that Trump’s Republicans — in spite of Communist voter fraud — will not merely maintainthe House majority, but actually expand upon it. There are five important reasons why we feel this way:


1. We can think of no reason at all why all the folks who — in spite of the media’s vicious attacks against Trump in 2016 — elected Trump and down-ballot Republicans just two years ago would stay home or change their vote to Demonrat now. That alone should hold the House.

2. As even the Piranha Press admits, the hard data shows that Trump’s approval numbers among Black voters have jumped significantly (here). Even a small shift can have HUGE consequences here because every brutha and sista who switches over is a plus 1 for the Repubs and a minus 1 for the Dems — a “twofer.”

3. As even the Piranha Press admits, the hard data shows that Trump’s approval numbers among Hispanic voters have jumped significantly (here). AGAIN, even a small shift can have HUGE consequences here because every “Latino” who switches over is a plus 1 for the Repubs and a minus 1 for the Dems. — another “twofer.”

4. The Kavanaugh and Caravan fiascos (both of which badly back-fired on the Demonrats) have really fired-up Trump’s base to get out and vote while bringing over many independent voters and even a few “walk away” ex-libtards to the Repubs.  (Could Trump have actually set up that caravan? Hmmmm.)

5. That mania about “the first woman President” which inspired many loony ladies to come out and vote in 2016 is no longer a factor now. This will lower voter turnout for center-left females.


Unless we’re missing something, we can only ask: How the frickety-frack can the Repub’s not win, big-time?  

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Trump’s growing support among Blacks, Hispanics and Asians threatens to blow up the Demonrat’s strategy of racial identity politics into smithereens.


And yet, there is still an “X Factor” which can blow our prophecy out of the water — and that’s the voter fraud. Illegals will be voting — and multiple times. Then there are the rigged computers. If the “Deep State” really ratchets up the fraud to historic levels (even worse than 2016), then it is anyone’s guess.

Closing on an optimistic note, now that Trump and his generals are running the administrative branch of government (DOJ, HS, FBI, ICE etc), the vote-riggers might have a much harder time pulling off their usual tricks.



Headline: The Hill: (November 5, 2018)

Trump Warns of ‘Maximum Criminal Penalties’ for Voter Fraud in Midterms
Trump tweet / 11-5: “Law Enforcement has been strongly notified to watch closely for any ILLEGAL VOTING which may take place in Tuesday’s Election (or Early Voting). Anyone caught will be subject to the Maximum Criminal Penalties allowed by law. Thank you!”


To sum it all up, we believe that if voter fraud can be contained (and that is a big “if”), then expect a Red Tsunami of mostly pro-Trump Republicans (many anti-Trump RINO Republicant’s were forced to retire) to sweep both bodies of Congress. And that, according to Q-Anon, is when the real fun will start.

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In a brilliant and ballsy preemptive strike that is driving the jackals of Fake News crazy, Trump has been threatening to imprison any “dead” vote fraudsters discovered on Election Day.


  Boobus Americanus 1: Who do you think is going to win control of the House?

Boobus Americanus 2: Well, the New York Times is predicting that the Democrats will win — but, unfortunately, the Republicans could also win.


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