Are American Democrats Too Stupid to Survive? The Swamp Wins the House

Congressman Nadler Could Run Impeachment against Trump in House as Jewish Democrats Sweep Top Committees

by TUT editor

Several other Jewish members of Congress are expected to take over key committees such as foreign affairs and the panel that allocates spending

ed note–Well, what can we say other than a hearty round of applause to all those holding membership in ‘duh muuvmnt’ and who–in whatever capacity–helped in securing yesterday’s Election Day victory for Judea, Inc and her plans of removing a President–just as she did with Kennedy–who was resolute in coming to some sort of resolution to the ticking time bomb that is about to explode in EVERYONE’S face.

From those in the pro-Palestinian identity politics corner and all the memes they sent out showing Trump and Netanyahu tongue-kissing each other, to the idiot white nationalists and all their bullshit in Charlottesville, to the ‘Trump is owned by the Jooz’ brigade who scurry from website to website in the alternative media leaving their stupid commentary like rodents leaving little pellets, to–last but certainly not least–the 2 morons who helped push Trump’s enemies across the finish line yesterday with all the political violence taking place just before election day–congratulations for all you contributed in helping the enemies which you claim to oppose in winning a major victory.

Now, for those who don’t get it–in much the same manner as the idiots making up the Sandy Hook was a hoax brigade’, we’ll spell it out for you–

Just as we predicted a year ago with the removal of John Conyers as the leading Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee and his replacement with the very Pro-Israel and VERY Jewish Jerold Nadler, Israel was setting the stage for a Democrat takeover of the HoR in 2018 so that a very pro-Israel Jew would be moved into the Chair so that WHEN Impeachment proceedings against Trump took place, that all those ‘in the know’ would understand that this was Israel overseeing the entire thing, just as it was Israel who oversaw the Impeachment process against Bill Clinton.

But it is not just limited to Nadler taking over Judiciary, as it is also expected that these same very pro-Israel Jews are also expected to take over the Foreign Affairs Committee (which will have oversight vis a vis Trump’s planned ‘utimate peace deal’ in the Middle East as well as all other areas of his foreign policy)  and the Ways and Means Committee from which all spending bills originate.

No one should mistake for a moment what kind of celebrating is taking place at this very moment behind closed doors in places such as Netanyahu’s office, the Knesset, AIPAC, etc.

In fact, as far as Israel and the war party is concerned, the only thing missing in all of this are the 5 dancing Israelis.

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