Recovering From Addiction ( Our Gov’t Promotes Big Pharma Which Promotes Addiction)

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Most of society’s biggest problems are caused by government.
Anyone who has experienced addiction, the prison industrial system or even rehab quickly realizes that the establishment is set up not to heal or free you but to keep you sick and dependant, unable to survive without their drugs.
Jason Perz was prescribed heavy pain killers after sustaining a number of injuries from professional BMX riding. The opiates he was given would unknowingly become his gateway into heroin addiction.
In episode 438 of Anarchast, we cover how the pharmaceutical industry plays a role in addiction and the black market, the CIA and drug production, decriminalization, and the lack of freedom.
We also discuss cannabis vs addiction, the nature of addiction, the path to recovery, and why it’s important to help others.
By any measure, the US war on drugs is a terrible joke.
A patchwork of laws and policies sold as being tough on addicts and drug dealers have filled their prisons to overflowing, permanently branding millions of peaceful people as criminals, all the while supplying drugs to the ones they are punishing, thus preventing any real healing from taking place.
Being in and out of jail cells and institutions proved to exacerbate Jason’s addiction issues without offering proper treatment for the dependence that was actually triggered by his doctors.
Most of the pharmaceutical market is a hustle on the people and perpetuates a vicious cycle of sickness. The ones who profit most are Big Pharma and those in government.

However, decriminalizing drugs and providing access to addiction treatment could turn around the lives of millions of suffering people, most of whom pose no harm to anyone but themselves.

In 2001, the Portuguese government decriminalized all drugs. These chartsfrom Transform Drug Policy Foundation show the rapid decline of drug usejust a few years later.

If the availability and freedom to choose alternative, safer drugs like cannabis for pain control and cancer treatments were an option, most people would choose that over heavy opiates that are highly addictive and dangerous. Tragedies like overdosing would drop as well.

It’s important to recognize anyone with the courage to take the difficult road to recovery. Even though it can be a painful process to overcome drug addiction, it’s not impossible.

If you’re suffering, reach out for help. There really is love out there.

Connect with your closest family and friends. Join a community of freethinkers from across the world at events like Anarchapulco, where the theme is “Life Unchained” — personal freedom, and manifesting peace and prosperity for all.

Jason Perz runs and travels the country speaking about his experiences battling addiction, bullying, and overcoming the odds. He inspires others to have faith in their own journeys.



You Can Watch Our Full Interview Here:
Jason decided to share his story with the world in hopes to educate and save others from the same hardships he’s experienced. His TED talk inspires hope and the idea that perseverance can come out of the deepest despair.
Again, if you’re suffering, reach out for help. Your journey matters.
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