No Thanks, No Giving November Community Potluck, Teach-In & Donation Drive, ABQ Nov. 22-23

No Thanks, No Giving November Community Potluck, Teach-In, & Donation Drive, ABQ Nov. 22-23

by Editor

This holiday season, don’t struggle alone. The Red Nation invites you to a No Thanks, No Giving community potluck and teach-in on the real history of Thanksgiving next Thursday, November 22, starting at 5 PM at the Sundowner Community Center, 6101 Central Ave., Albuquerque, NM. Presentations will also focus on the difference between “colonizers,” “settlers,” […]

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My Comment:  Feature Picture of Abject Poverty Colonized Child lives in in Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, USA.  The true historyof Thanksgiving is being told here and people need to know the truth.  Thanksgiving is really about the massacre of Native Americans and the colonization of America.

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