Jesus Christ Was THE Original Whistleblower About “Those Who Call Theirselves Jews and Are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN”

How They Do It– Jewish leaders call for new editions of the Bible and the Koran to carry ‘trigger warnings’ highlighting anti-Semitic passages

by TUT editor

ed note–please take a good look at the quote above, lifted from the book of Deuteronomy. It is THOUSANDS of years old and represents just one out of hundreds of similar passages that–both individually and collectively–CLEARLY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY delineate the source of the ‘Jewish problem’ that has been a gorilla on the back of mankind for thousands of years, and which now represents the gravest threat to all life on earth, due to the power which this ‘Jewish problem’ has accumulated unto itself in terms of politics, money, media and the nuclear weapons which it has threatened to unleash upon the entire world if it does not get its way.

As we said, this passage–along with all its identical twin siblings–did not just ‘pop’up with the publication of Theodore Herzl’s book ‘The Jewish state’. It was not born in 1948 with Israel’s ‘creation’. It did not begin with the Khazars, the Talmud, the Zohar, Kabbalah or the New York Times.

It has been sitting there as an open, undiscussed secret for thousands of years which Gentiles have refused to examine and consider for all the deadly implications against them that it contains. Like a ticking time bomb in the middle of a shopping mall visible for all to see if they would just bother to look, complete with wires, countdown clock, and all the graffiti painted on it reading ‘death to all Gentiles’ in clear and unambiguous language, those cops and other ‘civil servants’ claiming authority and expertise on the ‘spiritual’ well-being of Gentile societies–whether Christian or Muslim–have in virtually all cases refused to do their duty in warning all those at the great shopping mall of humanity of this bomb that is about to go off in their lives, when it was they more than anyone else who should have known.

All the signs and indicators have been there all along. Virtually every Judaic ‘celebration’ gloats over the death and destruction of Gentiles who got in the way of Judea, Inc’s aims, from Passover to Purim to H’Nookah, and yet, Gentile societies not only view these celebrations of gloating with deadly passivity, but as well, welcome them as part of their national traditions. What’s worse is that today, those few sane voices sounding the alarm over the time bomb ticking down to that doomsday moment envisioned by the bomb-makers and bomb-throwers of Judea who are trying to warn the people away from that great shopping mall of humanity are ignored, thrown out and barred entry by the very same security guards whose job is keeping the peace and order so that commerce may continue.

As we like to say, no one ever accused ‘them’ of being stupid. Read more of this post

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