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Slimes Caption: In searching for the cause of the wildfire, investigators will look at things that were touched by the flames but not destroyed.

NY Times: What Started the California Fires? Experts Track the Blazes’ Origins


Due to their frequency, inexplicably mysterious burning patterns, and astonishing level of devastation, the rash of California wildfires which we have witnessed over the past two years defy all explanations, except for one. Sugar, tell it please:


It’s a frickin’ conspiracy!


And like all monster plots, this too is accompanied by ridiculous “official” explanations, such as this line from this Slimes article:

“As investigators try to determine what started the most devastating wildfire in California history, which killed at least 56 people, the beginning premise is that human beings — through their mistakes, or their toys, tools and technologies — were probably behind it.” (emphasis added)

You see that? The “experts” have already ruled out deliberate arson, thus establishing an existential fallacy upon which data will be manipulated or ignored (consciously or subconsciously) to fit the “careless human” accident theory.  Detective Holmes, please school these ass-clowns on the basic logic of sound investigation:

Related image



Now, let’s hop aboard the “Crazy Train” and follow the hard data to where it leads us — specifically, to the horrible reality that these hellish infernos are the product of deliberate “Deep State” arson. And we ain’t talking about operatives with gasoline cans and lighters setting trees ablaze in the middle of the night. No. These fires manifest laser-like burn patterns because they were initiated, guided and intensified by, well, lasers — Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs)

These DEW’s are no longer the stuff of science-fiction or “conspiracy theory” . Even the mainstream media has reported on this technology and actual military demonstrations can be seen on You Tube videos. The means to engineer such strange fires from high-altitude planes or even from outer space exists.


Image result for USS ENTERPRISE FIRE PHASER Image result for directed energy weapon navy  

“Star Trek” type, undetectable DEW weapons are NOT science-fiction.


We use the term “strange” because the blazes ignite from the inside-out — reducing homes to total ash and molten metal, while leaving nearby trees and trash cans completely intact. Similar oddities were observable at the scene of the Twin Towers destruction on 9/11. Scoff if you will, but the following images speak for themselves, and one needn’t be an “expert” to see the hidden hand of some sinister technology at work.


Image result for california fires dew  Related image

Entire neighborhoods reduced to ash while nearby trees remain unscarred?

Related image Related image Image result for california fires dew

Impossible burn patterns

  Image result for california fires dew Related image

Cars melted — trees and leaves not even singed?



Related image Image result for blue beam california fire

1.  Blue beam captured on I-phone video (here) // 2. Caption for CNN Video: “Watch as Fire Burns Inside of Hollow Tree” (here)


There’s no doubt about this one, boys and girls. California neighborhoods are being blasted from above. Having established the “means,” let us move on to the question of motive.

Image result for musk magazine coversRelated imageImage result for musk magazine covers Image result for musk magazine coversImage result for musk magazine covers
The intense media-hype of Elon Musk ™ is a sure indicator of a conspiracy afoot.
It has been observed that the statewide pattern of the fires which have displaced so many tens of thousands of California suburbanites resembles, “coincidentally,” the proposed route for the much-anticipated Los Angeles to San Fagsicko “Hyperloop.” Hyperloop is a form of ground / underground transportation currently in development by several companies.  The concept involves floating pods within low-pressure tubes that would transport passengers at airliner speeds.
One of leading competitors to build the LA-SF Hyperloop is the Boring Company — headed by the shady CIA front-man Elon Musk, of the even shadier SpaceXFor the LA-SF loop, “The Amazing Musk,”  — who also runs Tesla MotorsSolar City and Nueralink —  estimates a price tag of about $6 Billion for a system that would provide a 30 minute ride between the two major cities.
Could these DEW fires be a form of “Eminent Domain” — an “Agenda 21” clearing-out of large inhabited areas (mainly Republican voters too) to open the path for Musk’s Hyperloop? Are DEW’s being fired from Musk’s enormous and fast-growing fleet (here) of government-approved / government-funded satellites — some of them known to have some “secret” purpose? (here) Is this why Trump, much to the amusement of the late-night commie comics, added a Space Force to the military? If so, when will they act to blow up the space weapons of these mass killers out of space? Or is already too late to stop them?
Image result for hyperloop Image result for hyperloop route california fires Related image 
The respective routes for the proposed Hyperloop and the depopulating DEW fires from space match up very closely. Coincidence?
It will be interesting to see if, in the coming months and years, a Musk Hyperloop system is established along the route of these fires. Or, will “Sir” Richard Branson — whose “Virgin Hyperloop” is also in the running for the LA-SF project — be the chosen one? And Branson’s “Virgin Galactic” also has Pentagon-funded satellites in space! (here)
If either (or both?) of these two Globalist arch-villains — who both have assets in space and who both have hyperloop companies — ends up building a system where these homes once stood, you can be 100% certain that it was planned that way. Scary stuff.
Image result for MUSK AND branson  Image result for richard branson AND OBAMA Image result for MUSK AND OBAMA
Globalists Musk and Branson — both founded space rocket / satellite companies, both founded hyperloop companies with a keen interest in the LA-SF project, both are connected to “The Deep State,” and both were favorites of the demon Obongo (Branson, frolicking above with Bathhouse Barry, is rumored to be “bi-sexual”).
Forbes Magazine (December 16, 2013) 

Elon Musk And Jeff Bezos’ Not-So-Secret Land Grab

“With the Hyperloop in place, SF-to-LA … the entire center of the state (possibly) becomes gutted in the center, as big city living becomes accessible to any and all…. And one way or another it’s coming. Or something very much like it.
With drone delivery (Amazon), rural residents can get what they need far faster than they can drive into town. So what do you think this means for the future of most small towns?”
Image result for bezos musk branson
Like Musk and Branson, Jeff Bezos (Amazon, Washington Post) also founded a space company (Blue Origin), and, with drone delivery of packages, also envisions an end to general stores in small and medium-sized towns. 
Image result for robocop 1987 Related image
Dialogue from the Movie, “Robocop” — 1987
  • Jesse Perkins Good evening, I’m Jess Perkins with Casey Wong. Top story: Santa Barbara. 10,000 acres of wooded residential land were scorched in an instant when a laser cannon aboard the Strategic Defense Peace Platform misfired today during routine startup tests. Casey?

    Casey Wong : Yes, it was a day of mourning for the families of 113 known dead at this hour. Among them: two former United States presidents who had retired in the Santa Barbara area. A day of mourning for a country.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that investigators now believe that the California fires are the result of human error.

Boobus Americanus 2: Probably some careless knuckle-head with a cigarette.



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