Navalny Was Murdered by the mRNA “Covid Vaccine” Pushed By Gates & the United States/the West

Navalny was  murdered by the mRNA “Covid vaccine”

Navalny was  murdered by the mRNA “Covid vaccine”

Paul Craig Roberts

The whore media, true to form, has seized on Aleksei Navalny’s death during his exercise period in a Russian prison to focus attention away from the thousands of Palestinians the Israelis are murdering every day with American weapons.  The same media that says Navalny’s imprisonment was “politically motivated says Julian Assange’s imprisonment (without trial) is not.

Navalny’s support is limited to the Western media and Western politicians.  He is a foil for them against Putin.  

As Navalny suddenly dropped dead while exercising, as have so many others around the world, we can confidently conclude that Navalny was another victim of the Covid mRNA “vaccine.”  

Massive numbers of sudden deaths is a new phenomenon which directly followed the mass vaccination program.  This explains Navalny’s death.

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