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Dear friends – I am writing today to share some concerning news.  Paypal has just deleted my account.  This year has already been incredibly challenging due to both my health issues and the extreme censorship of my work, with three of my facebook accounts being deleted, my twitter account, two youtube channels, my vimeo channel, my google account, my entire blogspot blog, and more, all since last December.  The myriad and well-orchestrated attempts to silence the information I share have been forceful and mean-spirited and now they have taken things one step further by attempting to destroy my ability to financially survive – something they do to many Truth tellers in order to bully them into silence.

On 11/2/18, paypal simply cut off my account without warning or explanation.  See attached photo for what I saw when I checked my email on 11/2.  And see additional photo for a good chuckle.  My gut reaction was to think that this abrupt deletion was somehow related to the blog I recently posted about the Israeli synagogue false flag.  They really do not like it when we expose their false flag shootings and, in fact, it was my hard-hitting analysis of the fake Florida shooting that got my entire blogspot blog and youtube channels deleted in February.

However, interestingly enough, just a few hours after I received the notice of cancellation from paypal, I found out that others were also having their paypalaccounts deleted that same day.

  So, this was an orchestrated attack by organized jewry against those who are sharing The Truth.

Unfortunately, paypal was the primary means by which I received donations and payments for my books, classes, DVDs etc.  Now that this particular channel has been abruptly cut off, I find myself scrambling to figure out what I need to do to stay afloat.  I have already created an account with another payment processor, but certain things need to be put in place for this payment processor to work, including the creation of a local bank account, the purchase of SSL certificates for my websites, moving my websites over to a new hosting service (i.e, requires rebuilding my sites entirely although I have saved the content), figuring out how to install the proper plugins and get them loaded into my website posts, etc.   All of this requires time and also funds that I do not currently have.

I’m not sure if any of you have ever experienced being suddenly cut off from your bank account with no way to access, receive, or send money — but if you can imagine it, then you will understand how much stress I am under in this moment.

So, even though I do not like repeatedly asking people for donations, I absolutely need to do this now.  If you are able, would you please consider sending a donation today?  The best way for me to receive donations is through wire transfer (western union, moneygram) or by mail.   Cash or money orders are the most practical way to mail money.  Postal money orders work best as they are the cheapest and easiest to obtain and also the easiest for me to cash since I do not have a local bank account — yet.

To get a postal money order, simply go to a post office anywhere in the US or Canada and purchase a money order in the amount you would be willing to donate.  They cost about $1 and then you can simply slip it in the mail while you are at the post office.

My mailing address is:

Jeanice Barcelo
PO Box 1213,
W. Babylon, NY 11704 

If people are overseas and would consider wiring money directly into my bank account, I actually do have an account in Hawaii that can receive donation deposits.  I can access these donations once they have cleared by using my bank debit card, although I cannot go into the bank directly, since I am in New York and this Hawaiian bank has no branches on the east coast of the USA.  If this option interests you, would you please email me privately so I can give you bank details?  Thank you.

BTW – I recently chatted with a friend to whom this happened 6 years ago.  He has survived since that time by receiving donations by mail and also by being blessed with a benefactor who has given him consistent financial support for the last few years.

Perhaps some of you can say a prayer with me that I can manifest something like this so I can finally give most of my attention to finishing my ultrasound book and teaching my parenting program to the very special students who have actually signed up.  I feel as if there is so much important work I need to be doing and I am constantly being pulled away to deal with my health and do the millions of administrative tasks now required to simply keep my information online and survive financially.  It’s exhausting.

It will be a very happy day when the creatures responsible for all this evil are finally expelled from this Earth permanently and promptly quarantined in the furthest corner of the furthest universe for the rest of eternity.  Then all the good people of the world can simply get on with their lives without interference from the dark side and all living things on Earth can rejoice at living harmoniously and in purity and goodness once again.

Please take a look at my beautiful vision for the future so that we can be reminded of what is possible and how amazing this world was intended to be.   And if there’s a benefactor out there with some means that would be open to supporting my work – especially until I am able to get my ultrasound book out to the world – this would help me very much.

BTW – the title of my book will be “The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation.”  I am blowing the whistle on several technologies that are creating infertility, genetic damage, brain damage, and more.  I am concerned that they are going to attempt to ban the selling of my books at some point, especially when word gets out about how blatantly I am exposing the medical/radiation establishment and the lies we have been fed for 100 years.  I must manifest the means to simply print a few thousand copies of my books, keep them in a safe storage place, and ship them to people directly so that the information can spread even if they try to ban my books.

We have made a huge mistake in terms of allowing these creatures to control so many aspects of our society.  But what’s done is done.  We have to find our way back from this somehow and we are definitely going to need the support of each other to come through this.

For those who are willing to extend support, I sincerely thank you.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your kind support,


Jeanice Barcelo, M.A.
Educator and Activist
Author of “Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine”

My Comment:  The Synagogue of Satan Calls Themselves Jews But They Are SATANISTS and Originated From KHAZARIA!
Maps of the Khazar Kingdom from 300 c.e. to 1000 c.e.

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