White House Explosive Press Briefing With Sarah Sanders on Judge Kavanaugh

Admin:  Bolton is a ZIONIST and war monger.  He is a liar and two faced S.O.B.  Iran has done nothing wrong and has met every standard they agreed to.  We have our ‘allies’ so pissed off that no one wants anything to do with us anymore.  Same with China.  This is what happens to rogue nations that break laws, treaties, invade sovereign nations and butcher their leaders as Sarkozy of France used NATO to do with Libya with Hillary Clinton’s laughing approval.  Muammar Qaddafi was considered a problem for he would no longer allow Libya to be colonised and financially raped by colonial nations such as the U.K. and France and the U.S.  Zionists hate everyone, break all treaties, laws, lie, stab their allies in the back, etc. etc. etc.  Bolton is a Zionist through and through.  We are on a perilous path that will end with the demise of the United States.

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