U.S Congressional Candidate Jeff Jone’s Agreement on 2018 Campaign for the Future

LaRouche PAC Welcomes U.S. Congressional Candidate Jeff Jones’s Agreement on 2018 Campaign for the Future

Candidate Jeff Jones running as a Republican in the 12th District of Michigan

The LaRouche Political Action Committee welcomes the statement by Jeff Jones, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Michigan’s 12th District, that he agrees with the LaRouche PAC Campaign to Secure the Future statement: “Countdown to the 2018 Midterm Elections: We Must Take Charge Now.”

That statement calls for an end to the ongoing coup attempt against the President of the United States and passage of laws reflecting four fundamental economic principles, re-establishing sovereignty over the U.S. economy and continuing prosperity for the nation. That statement also advocates collaboration with Russia, China, and other nations on areas of mutual concern, such as terrorism and economic development.

The forward thinking exhibited by Jeff Jones in coming forward to support this statement, is crucial to ensuring the future of the nation, to secure the peace and our economy. LaRouche PAC urges the voters of Michigan’s 12th CD to seriously consider Jeff Jones as they prepare to vote in the November 6 election. The alternative and opposite policies, advocated by the national Democratic Party, present us with a future filled with constitutional chaos, economic despair, and endless wars, and must not be allowed to gain control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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