Portland, Oregon is a lawless city. The city’s mayor has allowed mobs of anti-fascists to harass and terrorize random people for no reason.

Moderate right-wing groups who have held rallies and events in the city are routinely attacked by anti-fascists. Another one of these marches held yesterday dubbed the “Law and Order” march resulted in violent attacks from anti-fascists.

They’re even burning American flags in the street.

These anti-fascist groups are bankrolled by Jews with George Soros being the most prominent of them. They are domestic terrorist groups who hate America. The people associated with them should be rounded up and hauled away to FEMA camps.

Vote Republican across the board in the midterms to ensure that these groups get crazier and crazier. It will eventually get to the point where every normal person in the country will support a total crackdown on these groups.