Former FBI Lawyer: The Plot to Remove TRUMP Is REAL!

Former FBI lawyer: The plot to record and remove Trump from office not a joke

by TUT editor

ed note–as we have diligently pointed out here now for over 2 years, there are certain variables that not only contribute nothing to all those widely-held assertions dogmatically and fervently espoused by various experts in the ‘muuvmnt’ that Trump was ushered into office by powerful Jewish interests, but indeed, glaring pieces of evidence equal in size to the meteor that killed all the dinosaurs millions of years ago indicating the opposite, i.e. that OJI are gunning to have him removed–that unfortunately don’t seem to register with those who should know better.

The game presently in play is similar in almost every respect to what took place both on and in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, where the very same deeply embedded spies, assassins, witches and warlocks created through their time-tested skills in Judaic black magic all the psychological conditions needed in seeing their infernal ‘war on terror’ (i.e. clash of civilizations/war on Islam) launched. In this case however, rather than droning airliners into skyscrapers where demolition charges were placed years ahead of time in order to then bring these ‘temples’ down on primetime tv, it is the Trump presidency itself that is being imploded by these same forces in order to bring things back on schedule with regards to Judea, Inc’s plans for WWIII and Armageddon and only a fool bent on his/her own personal destruction refuses to recognize this fact when all the indicators necessary for deducing such are as visible as an approaching T-Rex  bearing his pearly whites. Read more of this post

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