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NY Times: Trump’s Next Target: Legal Immigrants
Op-Ed by: Dr. Tung Nguyen, & Sherry Hirota

Overlooked in the loud debate over curbing / stopping the plague of out-of-control illegal immigration from the Turd World is the fact that legal immigration — notwithstanding the hard-working, self-sufficient and law abiding foreigners currently living here — has also created enormous problems for the country. Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti New York Times are therefore pleased to hear that the Trump administration is moving to crack down on the parasitic element of the immigrant population.

But Dr. Tung Nguyen, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Fagsicko; and Sherry Hirota, chief executive of Asian Health Services in Oakland, Calif. are not so happy about it. For that reason, the two “children of immigrants”  (both known libtards) have penned this platitude-filled, logic-deficient whine-fest for Sulzberger’s Slimes. Hazmat suits and goggles on, boys and girls. Let us dive into Sulzberger’s cesspool and clean up some of this fallacious filth.


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1. Sherry Hirota of Bolshevik Berkeley, CA celebrates International Women’s Day  2. Dr. Tung Nguyen is a member of PIVOT – The “Progressive” Vietnamese American Organization 3. The NAAAP? Are you frickin’ kidding me? — Why is it socially acceptable for Asian professionals to form organizations which only help other Asian professionals; but when Europeans do it, it’s considered “racist?” ™ 

Hirota & Nguyen: When Kam Tam came to the United States at age 16 from China 50 years ago, he spoke little English, had a mouthful of rotten teeth and active tuberculosis, and weighed just 96 pounds. Through perseverance and a little help, he got his health back in order. The providers at his publicly funded community health center in San Francisco pulled four molars and cured his tuberculosis.

Analysis: See that? Right away with the emotional appeal to the heart strings. Pure Marxism.

Hirota & Nguyen: Today, he is a successful businessman and pharmacist who has repaid society for the support he and his family received. He continues to generously give back by donating his professional services and financial resources to vulnerable families in Oakland.

Analysis: The fact that this Chinese-American pharmacist was the beneficiary of “publicly funded” health-care does not justify his immigrant parents’ theft of taxpayer money.  Imagine a burglar paying for his son’s health-care with the proceeds of his thefts. The little boy then grows up to become a doctor and even an exemplary citizen. What type of crackpot would then argue for loosening up the laws against robbery?

Hirota & Nguyen: Yet under a rule proposed last week by the Department of Homeland Security, legal immigrants could lose their chance to become a success story like Dr. Tam because they used government benefits they were entitled to.

Analysis: Wow — “government benefits they were entitled to.” Try showing up in China or Vietnam — where foreigners are only permitted to hold certain jobs (like English teachers) — and talking bullshit about collecting money from their native taxpayers on the basis that you are “entitled” to it.

Hirota & Nguyen: The Trump administration wants lawful permanent residence, also known as green-card status, to be denied to greater numbers of legal immigrants for having received public assistance.

Analysis: If we are to have immigration, is it too much to ask that the new arrivals bring with them enough savings that they won’t need to get on the government dole? Do we not have enough homegrown poverty and dependency cases? 

Hirota & Nguyen: A more narrow version of this rule has been in place for years. Currently, immigrants can be refused green cards if they are deemed to rely on government cash assistance for more than half their income. But the Trump administration has proposed expanding the scope of the rule to potentially deny green cards to immigrants who have used any of a much wider range of non-cash public benefits.

Analysis: One is either a net asset or a net liability. We don’t need to be importing parasites.

Hirota & Nguyen: The new rule would potentially withhold permanent residency from someone who has used social services like Medicaid; Medicare Part D, which helps the elderly afford prescription medicines; food stamps; and Section 8 housing vouchers.

Analysis: Good! These “services” are a financial burden to American taxpayers. And this practice of affluent and even filthy rich Asians bringing grandma over from the old country and then dumping her on MediCare needs to STOP!

Hirota & Nguyen: A huge number of immigrant families could be affected by this change. An estimated 3.8 million Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders and 10.3 million Hispanics live in families in which at least one member has used one of these services. And there are 10.5 million children in the United States in families receiving public benefits who have at least one non-citizen parent. Nine out of 10 of these children are natural-born citizens, and their families could be torn apart if a parent is considered a public charge and no longer able to stay in the country.

Analysis: Wow! That adds up to 24 millions Turd Worlders getting freebies — while millions of stressed out, taxed-out, lower middle class Americans are forced to live out a hand-to-mouth existence. No tears for them from Hirota & Nguyen!

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Turd World riff-raff are “entitled” to free health-care, food stamps and free housing in nice suburban neighborhoods — while a growing numbers of Americans with jobs (especially in California) are forced to live out of their cars.


Hirota & Nguyen: Fear of the proposed regulation, which had been rumored for months, may have already dampened the demand for services. Community urgent-care clinics have had patients asking to have their records removed, and some immigrants have refused to sign up for food assistance programs, citing worries about deportation and family separation.

Analysis:  Nice! Hopefully we can scare these human leeches out of their illegal, pro-Demonrat voting behaviors too. The penniless Turd World hordes — through block-voting — are gradually turning the once-conservative, opportunity-filled land of milk & honey known as California into a giant Cuba.

Hirota & Nguyen: A robust body of research shows that legal immigrants strengthen our society.

Analysis: A “body of research,” eh? Of course, no libtarded argument is complete without the good old “studies have shown” Appeal to Authority Fallacy.

Hirota & Nguyen: Health care providers and immigrant activists are building coalitions to voice their opposition. But Americans must insist that Congress intervene to block this proposal.

Analysis: Keep dreaming. Even many Demonrat voters (working Blacks in particular) have had enough of the Turd World invasion.

Hirota & Nguyen: We must defend our identity as one nation that shares a common vision and values that was built on hard workstrong families, respect and kindness. These values dictate that we care for one another, that we know that we are only as strong as the most vulnerable among us.

Analysis: Platitude alert! (in red) Platitude alert! — A grand finale of unintelligible, vague and meaningless high school level gibberish.

Platitude: a remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful.



In closing — and this is where The Anti-New York Times separates itself from most other “alternative news” sites — let us always remember and reiterate constantly: This madness is all by design! The objective of the New World Order is to create a world in which the Marxist-Globalist self-chosenites are placed at the tippy-top positions of political, financial and cultural power; with the elite Asians mainly at the professonal and technical levels; the “people of color”  doing the civil service and manual labor; and last and least, the degraded White Man blended out / killed out altogether. That’s the truth, and we’ll never tip-toe around it for the sake of gaining a wider audience and/or boosting revenue by selling advertising. (hint hint, donate, hint hint — donate here)

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‘Diversity is OUR greatest strength.”


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump wants to deny green cards to immigrants who are using welfare programs.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Well…I don’t know .. I guess …


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NY Times: ‘America First’ Has Won

Ever since the ruinous reign of Woodrow Wilson Warmonger, we “America Firsters” (aka anti-Globalists), have been getting our patriotic butts kicked up and down the football field by Team NWO. And whenever our “good guy” forebearers managed to mount an impressive counter-offensive (the Republican 1920’s, the Joe McCarthy years of 1950-1954), the Globalists always managed to sustain the backlash before unleashing the next assault upon our economy, our culture and our way of life. In time, opposition to the One World Conspiracy became so weak that it would only take a few months, not years, to easily crush patriotic, nationalist upstarts of all stripes (John Birch Society 1961, JFK 1963, Barry Goldwater 1964, RFK 1968, George Wallace 1972, Pat Buchanan & Ross Perot 1992, Ron Paul 2008 & 2012).

After suffering enough defeats at the hands of the NWO and its controlled media, it’s only natural to lose hope and dismiss Trump’s mounting victories over the Globalists as just a temporary stay of America’s final execution — delaying actions at best. Indeed, unless and until every last one of the top level Globalist sons-of-bitches is rounded up and executed or at least incarcerated, the “America First” achievements of Donald Trump will be no different that those of President Warren Harding or Senator Joseph McCarthy — meaning, short-lived and soon forgotten.


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Harding (poisoned, 1922) — McCarthy (poisoned, 1957) — JFK (gunned down, 1963) — The “Deep State” has sustained setbacks from time to time, yet always manages to crush the rebellion and its leaders in the end.


What does seems different this time around is the unusual pessimism now being openly expressed by tippy-top Globalists — perhaps because Trump is under the protection of the U.S. Military “top brass?” Quotes from recent months:


  • George Soros (cough cough): “He (Trump) is willing to destroy the world….Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.”


  • “Baron” Jacob Rothschild (cough cough): “In 9/11 and in the 2008 financial crisis, the powers of the world worked together with a common approach. Co-operation today is proving much more difficult. This puts at risk the post-war economic and security order.”


  • “Sir” Evelyn de Rothschild (cough cough): “You now have this lunatic in America (Trump) who doesn’t understand trade. When you have trade rumblings around the world, it affects everyone.”


It is really, really, really good to hear such “concern” coming from such high kings of the NWO. Now comes this frantic op-ed to The Slimes penned from another high level operative (though not quite as high as Soros & Rothschild) of the Globalist Crime Syndicate. Robert Kagan (cough cough) is a 9/11 PNAC (“New Pearl Harbor”) plotter, a super aggressive Neo-Con, and the husband of Victoria Nuland (Nudelman, cough cough) of Ukrainian coup fame infamy.


Image result for soros and jacob rothschild ip2294369bill-hillary-clin.jpg

The usually confident George Soros, Jacob Rothschild, and Evelyn de Rothschild (chatting with Bill Clinton) have all expressed “concern” over the “lunatic” Trump and the long term trend of anti-Globalism.

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Sub-capo Kagan expresses the same fears as Soros and the Rothschilds



Following are some very telling excerpts from Kagan’s rambling rant in which his concern about the growing “America Firstism” of the country is very evident.

“We have a U.S. president who doesn’t value the rules-based international order …. But is the American public any different?”

“There has been no popular outcry against Mr. Trump’s trade battles …. Experts suggest we are in for a long international trade war, no matter who the next president may be.”

“The old free-trade consensus is gone. And just as in the 1920s, isolationism joins anti-immigration sentiment and protectionism as a pillar of America Firstism.”

“The old consensus about America’s role as upholder of global security has collapsed.”

“Republican voters follow Mr. Trump in seeking better ties, accepting Moscow’s forcible annexation of Crimea and expanding influence in the Middle East.”

“They applaud Mr. Trump for seeking a dubious deal with North Korea.”

“Most Americans in both parties also agree with Mr. Trump that America’s old allies need to look out for themselves.”

“Britons in the 1930s did not want to “die for Danzig,” and Americans today don’t want to die for Taipei or Riga, never mind Kiev or Tbilisi.”

“Mr. Trump’s narrower, more unilateralist and nationalist approach to the world is probably closer to where the general public is than Mr. Obama’s more cosmopolitan sensibility.”

“It would be comforting to blame America’s current posture on Mr. Trump. But while he may be a special kind of president, even he can’t create a public mood out of nothing. Now as always, presidents reflect public opinion at least as much as they shape it. Between the two world wars, an American public disillusioned by World War I was averse to further overseas involvement.”

“It took Hitler’s conquest of Europe, near-conquest of Britain and, finally, Pearl Harbor to convince a majority of Americans that America First was a mistake.”

“Now we have Mr. Trump. Is he an aberration or a culmination? Many foreign policy experts place their hopes on the 2020 elections to get America back on its old path. But they may have to start facing the fact that what we’re seeing today is not a spasm but a new direction in American foreign policy, or rather a return to older traditions— the kind that kept us on the sidelines while fascism almost conquered the world.” Image result for america first cartoon
In Harding’s day as it is now, no term is more reviled and mocked by the Globalists than “America First.”
In short, Kagan is upset that war with Russia and/or North Korea is no longer on the table; and that unlimited Turd World immigration and rigged trade are also being challenged — all thanks to the “mistake” of ascendant “America Firstism.” His poison pen calls to mind an observation made by Admiral Chester Ward in describing the Globalist Council on Foreign Relations (which he had naively accepted membership in before figuring out what the game is all about.) Ward wrote in Our Republic: “In the entire CFR lexicon, there is no term of revulsion carrying a meaning so deep as “America First.”

Sub-human scum like Kagan really do hate America and all nations. God help us all if the NWO crowd ever “closes the deal!”  In our weakened state, all that we-the-good can do at this point in our history is to keep “red-pilling” as many normies as we can, while hoping and praying that the final destruction of The New World Order Mafia, at the hands of Q-Anon / Military Intelligence group and its political front-men, will indeed come to pass as promised. Anything less that a total purging of these Sons of Hell will amount to running those annoying dandelions over with a lawn mower, while leaving the roots in tact. They’ll only grow back.

Image result for robert kagan and vicki nuland Image result for ukraine vicki nuland cookies Image result for ukraine vicki nuland cookies

1. The Kagan-Nuland Crime Family is extensive. // 2. 2014: Nuland-Kagan handing out snacks to the CIA-sponsored terrorists who would soon overthrow the government of Ukraine and attempt to start a war with Russia // 3. Nuland’s hand-picked stooges have misruled Ukraine ever since.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read an op-ed piece in the New York Times today saying that Trump’s America Firstism is a reflection of the desires of the American people.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Isolationism is what allowed Hitler to take over all of Europe.

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