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This toxic ingredient is shockingly common in food and beverages (plus other news)
Mike Adams We have a hard-hitting collection of news for you today. But first, our prayers go out to all those who remain in the path of Hurricane Florence.

I’ve been watching the live satellite imagery, and what’s most shocking to me is that the Brunswick nuclear power plant received a direct hit, and the eye of the storm remains almost directly over the nuke plant, dumping huge amounts of rain.

In food news, there’s a toxic ingredient found in a huge array of U.S. food and beverages, and you may never have heard of this before.

Find the full story here.

Also today: A bombshell story details the new release of FBI texts that prove the FBI colluded with the media to try to overthrow America’s democracy.

These are damning new revelations, and people will go to jail over what has just been uncovered.

See the full story here.

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