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Huge news today: New documentary, atrazine weed killer, hemp news and more
Mike Adams It’s truly a huge news day. We’ve got several bombshell items for you today.

First is our new mini-documentary called The Deep State Strikes Back, which is now featured on

Click here for the full video and announcement.

Also today, a list that’s sure to go viral: 25 ways Silicon Valley now resembles the former Soviet Union.

Find that disturbing list right here.

Finally today, Scientific American has confirmed that atrazine weed killerturns male frogs gay due to hormone disruption. This is the real science the fake news media refuses to report.

See that full story here.

The evidence is clear: Hemp slows the progression of ovarian cancerBy Vicki Batts | Read the full story
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The Health Ranger announces Organic Coconut Milk PowderHealth Ranger Select Organic Coconut Milk Powder is a new, lab-verified organic dairy alternative that’s both delicious and nutritious. Those with nut, gluten, or dairy allergies love this solution, and it’s even kosher-certified. Whatever your dietary restrictions, Health Ranger Select Organic Coconut Milk Powder is a worthwhile addition to your smoothies and recipes.

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Scientists aim to predict the next Ebola outbreak by tracking the migration patterns of bats
The next time an Ebola epidemic breaks out in Africa, we may be warned in advance by bats. AScience Daily article reports how Pennsylvania-based researchers created a computer model that …

Medical preparedness when SHTF: What you really need to know
No one really likesthinking of worst-case scenarios, but anything can happen at any given time. One of the greatest advantages you can have when SHTF is being knowledgeable about medicines and …

Study finds that water-filter pitchers are not equally effective
If you are concerned about microcystins in your drinking water, you can turn to commercially available water-filter pitchers to keep you safe. However, researchers from The Ohio State University …

Liberal college students claim to be triggered by professor who explained that men and women are different
According to feminists, women are no different than men – except, of course, when they get triggered by speech that makes them feel bad, which more often than not prompts them to demand that …

Flesh-eating bacteria thrives on your suffering; the chemicals you release when in excruciating pain actually feed them
If the word flesh-eating bacteria isn’t scary enough, try bacteria which find happiness – ormore accurately, satiation – when you’re in pain. It appears that the popular flesh-eating …

Getting rid of allergies naturally: A look at alternative options for treatment
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Headless Robespierre’s cautionary tale for the ‘alt left’ unleashed on America
America is on the cuspof something it has never truly experienced: mob rule. To “feed” a mob, witch-hunts are essential. New enemies must …

People who live in rural towns are documented to be happier than city-dwellers, according to new research
What’s not to be happy about city-living? Everything you need is at arm’s reach – great food, entertainment, shopping malls, the list goes on. You will never get bored. But a recent …


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