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Warnings about “currency reset” and 5G deploying as a weapon system
Mike Adams We’ve got several important warnings for you today, starting with a must-see video about the coming “currency reset.”

Lynette Zang offers a fascinating explanation of how and why your dollars are being covertly stolen from you without your knowledge or consent. When the “currency reset” comes, you’ll lose everything unless you heed this warning ahead of time.

See the full article and video here.

For those of you monitoring the realm of cryptocurrency, a new channel has launched on called “KevBotReport.”

This channel brings some much-needed critical thinking to the world of cryptocurrency. These short-form videos are incredibly informative.

See the story and videos here.

Finally today, see the first video below which explains how 5G wireless technology can be used as a directional weapon system to target and even execute certain individuals living within the range of 5G.

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