Israeli Intelligence Says Collapse of Syria Will Spark a Sunni-Shiite War That Benefits Israel

WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton email: Israeli intelligence says collapse of Syria will spark a Sunni-Shiite war that will benefit Israel

by TUT editor

Islma shia and sunni

“The fall of the House of Assad could well ignite a sectarian war between the Shiites and the majority Sunnis of the region drawing in Iran, which, in the view of Israeli commanders would not be a bad thing for Israel and its Western allies. In the opinion of this individual, such a scenario would distract and might obstruct Iran from its nuclear activities for a good deal of time. In addition, certain senior Israeli intelligence analysts believe that this turn of events may even prove to be a factor in the eventual fall of the current government of Iran.”

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Admin:  Zionist Hillary Clinton supports Zionist Israel;  it’s a private club and you and I aren ‘t in it.

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