Trump Speaks to China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Putin….U. S. Is Joining the New Silk Road


New Silk Road Comes to South America; Now for North America! LaRouche: ‘It’s in the Poetry’

November 14, 2016
Chilean president Michelle Bachelet meets with China president Xi Jinping in Beijing, November 12, 2014. [flickr/gobiernodechile]

In the countdown to the APEC Summit of heads of state this coming weekend in Lima, leaders of the countries where President Xi Jinping will make official state visits (Peru, Ecuador and Chile), are expressing their excitement at the prospect of what amounts to a New Silk Road coming to South America. This paradigm shift is implied also for North America, in last week’s momentous U.S. election revolt against the dead Wall Street/London system. The urgent task is to activate Americans to realize this potential.

Lyndon LaRouche, briefed on these developments today, stressed the necessity of the ‘poetry and music’ involved. We have a helluva job. But through the poetic principle, we can draw people into a deeper understanding of themselves as human, and creative, and what they can do. There is no time for delay. The Glass Steagall law must be re-instated, and the needed emergency and long-term measures taken for a re-organized banking system, credit issuance for a thorough economic build-up, and resumption of science.

Seen from abroad, some voices are coming out strong on the new potential in the U.S., even while it’s dangerously slow-going stateside. Last week, the recently-elected governor of Tokyo, Ms. Yuriko Koike (at one point, Minister of Defense in Prime Minister Abe’s 2007 Cabinet, and for 23 years in the Diet) took note that Trump supports Glass-Steagall, so Japan had better relate to that, because it is a “major tidal wave” of change.

On Nov. 17 in Lima, Peru—on the eve of the APEC Summit, Helga Zepp-LaRouche will be a featured speaker (via video, with live Q&A), at the 23rd National Congress of the Association of Economists of Peru. The Congress title is, “Bioceanic Train: Its Impact on the Amazon and the Economy of Peru.” The conference map shows a trans-oceanic, sea-and-land bridge originating at Port of Tianjin, China, going to the Port of Bayovar, Peru, then crossing the continent by train (via Pucallpa, Peru) to the Atlantic Ocean to the Port of Santos, at Sao Paulo, Brazil.

On the same day, President Xi will start his South American state visits, in Ecuador, where President Rafael Correa is exultant about the future. Correa said that Xi’s presence is “the most important visit of any head of state in the history of Ecuador.” Experts are discussing the productivity to come from Chinese collaboration to spur agro-industrialization, and end the syndrome of nothing but raw materials exports.

Today, President Xi and Donald Trump spoke by phone, on cooperation. Xi said, “I attach great importance to China-U.S. relations and am ready to work with the U.S. side to carry forward bilateral ties and to better benefit the two peoples and the rest of the world.” Trump, in response, is reported to have said there can be win-win results, “China is a great and important country with eye-catching development prospects.” The head of the AIIB Jin Liqun, took note today, that a Trump adviser spoke favorably last week, of the U.S. joining the AIIB. Jin also pointed out that, “The letter ‘A’ in the AIIB stands for Asia, Africa and America. They all start with [it] and that means the bank is for all of them.”

This evening Congress returned to Washington, D.C. after a seven-week election recess. They are long overdue for action on Glass-Steagall—in need of a tough and beautiful lesson in poetry and music!

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