Israel Shill, Alex Jones, Being Sued Over Sandy Hook & the Resulting Online Media Manipulation

Fighting Conspiracy Theories, Sandy Hook Parent Is Thwarted by Online Policies

by TUT editor

ed note–6 years ago, when the ‘Sandy Hook never happened’ monster first reared its ugly head, a few sane voices–including not only yours truly but the irreplaceable Mike Piper and a few others–warned in clear, explicit, and impossible-to-misconstrue language that this new development making its way into the 911 ‘truth’ movement was in fact a horrible piece of machinery that was being constructed, piece by piece, for the purposes of our own destruction, and that upon completion was going to roll its way forward towards everything we as a group had built and would take it all down, piece by piece, like an Israeli Merkava tank rolling over a Palestinian home.

For the most part, save a few pockets of sanity, we were ignored (at best) and at worst, were accused of being part of the ‘cover-up’ and of being ‘Seekrit Zy-nist agents’, and in adding grave injury to insult, as a result of all of this the greatest asset the ‘movement’ ever produced/possessed–Mike Piper–was fired from his 34 year position at Liberty Lobby/American Free Press and was forced to relocate to the other side of the country that ended with his death after a year of heartbreak, disillusionment and depression.

Now we are witnessing that Merkava tank which the ‘experts’ such as Fetzer, Duff, Jones, ‘Dr. K’ and others said did not/would not ever exist rolling forward exactly as predicted. Right now, at the center of it all is Alex Jones, but already, those platforms on the internet such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and many others, are scrambling to put legal distance between themselves and Jones (and others) in the interests of not being included in the lawsuits now taking place and those that will be forthcoming.

This is how they do it–they do not pass laws denying us our rights to ‘free speech’. Instead, what they do is to bait unstable elements (such as the aforementioned above) into running with unhinged, completely off the wall, baseless narratives which animate other unstable elements into doing crazy things that then result in high-intensity events such as the shooting at the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria last year, as well as all the stalkings, threats, and acts of deliberate intimidation/harassment that have been leveled at the surviving family members of those murdered by Adam Lanza in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school. Then, after an extended period where the JMSM serves up a regular buffet of high-intensity events of this type for millions of Americans and billions of people worldwide to see, then come the libel suits to put the finishing touches on the controlled demolition that forces the various internet media companies such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and many others to begin the ‘policing’ process where free speech is restricted in the interests of avoiding legal action.

Keep in mind that Jones is not some innocent lamb being sacrificed on the altar of free speech. He has not been targeted because he exposed Israel’s role in 911 (which he never touches) nor for Israel’s role in the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City (which he never touches) nor Israel’s role in the assassination of JFK (which he never touches) nor Israel’s role in the attack on the USS LIBERTY (which he blames on Johnson).  (Admin:  Jones is an Israel Shill and NEVER mentions crimes of Israel.)

He is being targeted for legal action because he promoted–for close to 6 years now–a completely baseless assertion that has resulted in innocent and aggrieved persons being threatened with violence and at the very least being subjected to further pain and suffering.

We are forced to point this out due to the depressingly high number of chirpers out there screaming CENSORSHIP over Jones being shut out from platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, etc, instead of recognizing that this was a long time coming and that they themselves helped out immeasurably in this process by promoting Jones and all the bullshit he peddled that resulted in people getting hurt.

What’s worse is that it is ONLY IN THE BEGINNING STAGE. Already, other websites are being targeted for removal by their hosting platforms due to the fear of being sued and doubtless as well that outlets including this one here will be targeted, despite our spending the last 6 years warning against the entire ‘hoax’ bullshit.

No, this is not an exercise in ‘we told ya so’ but rather one in ‘how they do it’, and the obvious lesson to be learned from all of this is that this is not a game as some seem to imagine but rather something deadly serious and which tolerates no room whatsoever for sloppy engagement or incompetent actors.

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