FACEBOOK Opens War Room to Meddle With Upcoming Elections in U.S. & Brazil

The Jewish enterprise of Facebook has announced that they are opening a “war room” to interfere with the upcoming elections in Brazil and the United States.

India TV News:

In order to tackle the spreading of fake news and misinformation, the social media giant, Facebook is making a war room at its headquarters in California for both Brazil and the US midterm elections.

Facebook took it upon a blog post on Wednesday, stating that this war room will have people from different teams that will include engineers, data science, policy, legal, threat intelligence and will act as a command centre for Facebook, for making real-time decisions.

So they are saying that the purpose of the “war room” is to determine what posts contain fake information and to remove them. But who are they to be making this determination unilaterally? By censoring posts that they consider to be “fake” they are injecting themselves in the political process and interfering in the electoral process.

It is not their role as administrators of a social media site to be determining truth from fiction. The only posts they should be removing are posts that obviously violate a law. Things like child pornography etc..

The whole idea of a democracy is centered around the concept that every person is capable of making their own decisions. So with that said, there is no reason to delete so-called “fake” content as every person in a democracy is capable of determining what is truth and what is fiction on their own. The fact that Facebook feels the need to shield people from things they think are “fake” undermines the whole concept of democracy that they say is so wonderful.

This is 100 percent about controlling and maintaining the Jewish narrative. They were unable to do that in 2016 so they are hell bent in making sure that doesn’t happen in 2018.

Comment:  Facebook is a Zionist Mafia Enterprise working with the CIA;  Always has been and always will be.  Get yourself off of Facebook ASAP!

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