Nancy Pelosi Linked to Goat Hill Pizza….Another Child Trafficking Front?

Archived – Nancy Pelosi Possibly Involved in Another Suspected Pizza Parlor Pedophile Front (pizzagate)

submitted  ago by hey000

Democrat Party leader Nancy Pelosi has links to another suspected pedophile pizza parlor front, Goat Hill Pizza.

The website homepage shows a young girl and a young boy suggestively eating pizza. The logo of the pizza parlor is the head of a goat which seems to be depicting the deity Baphomet, a popular symbol associated with Satanism and the “Illuminati”.

This official document CERTIFIED LIST OF ELECTED CANDIDATES FOR THE NOVEMBER 2, 2004 GENERAL ELECTION from a government website shows that Pelosi used PHILIP@GOATHILL.COM as her official email. Her official headquarters seems to also be in the same area of the pizza parlor.

Make records of this evidence before they try to change any of it and continue the investigating!

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