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100 mg or 150 mg Ubiquinol 90 Day Supply
If You Take This Medication, Ignoring This Supplement Is a Near Certain Early Death Sentence

If you’re one of the millions who take this, I believe it’s essential you also do this or it will wreak havoc on your cholesterol. Other benefits include new found energy, a stronger heart, more active mind and a healthier immune system.


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Join the Fight for Medical Freedom of Choice

If you’re a fan of personal autonomy, you’ll want to stay on top of this. Because this is just the tip of the iceberg, and more vise grip restrictions are sure to follow.


nvic legislative update for vaw

Sleep Apnea Can Increase Your Risk for Gout

Obstructive sleep apnea, which involves blocked airways during sleep, is increasingly being associated with a painful type of arthritis called gout. If you suffer from gout attacks, you should get checked out for sleep apnea, as the majority of people who have it don’t know it.


sleep apnea may increase gout risk

Witch Hazel May Work Wonders on Your Skin

Witch hazel is a shrub with a long history of medicinal use. Learn how you can grow this plant in the comfort of your own home, and how it may benefit your well-being.


witch hazel

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Joint Formula
Why I Don’t Recommend Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Joints

Many people regularly take these 2 nutrients, hoping it will help support their joint health. The 2 groups of people who must be very cautious about taking them, and what the latest research reveals about their effectiveness. There are actually a total of 8 reasons that glucosamine and chondroitin may not be best for you.

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Crafty Uses for Carrot Seed Oil

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Carrot may be a salad favorite, but did you know that its seeds can give you a useful essential oil, too? Carrot seed oil has been long used for various health problems, from easing hiccups to alleviating kidney stones, and more. It can even work as a stress reliever. Discover all the potential uses of carrot seed oil in this article.

carrot seed oil
Vaccine Awareness Week 2018

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