Explosive Video Reveals Coordinated CIA/FBI Attack on Alex Jones Revealing Both to Be a Part of A CRIME SYNDICATE

Explosive video reveals coordinated deep state attack on Alex Jones
Mike Adams A bombshell undercover video has just emerged, revealing the coordinated CIA / FBI assault on Alex Jones, which was designed to “cut him off at the knees” and drain all his financial resources to shut him up.

Caught on video, a CIA / FBI operative spills the shocking tale of how Alex was deliberately lied about, smeared, defamed, and then hauled into civil court cases with the “nudging” of the FBI.

Alex has just announced he’s going to sue the CIA and FBI for their criminal racketeering operation targeting American citizens. This is going to be huge.

Full details — plus other news and a huge interview with Dr. Judy Mikovitz — in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News here.

Comment:  The FBI works hand in glove with the CIA.  Many FBI Directors are promoted on the basis of how much CIA Criminality they are willing to cover up as FBI Director Webster was promoted to CIA Director after he agreed to shut up about the MKULTRA Torture Program to create and Assassin out of a Child and then also agreed to shut up about the MKULTRA being used in Assassinations here in the United States and overseas.  This MKULTRA Assassin was only 13 years old!!!!!

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