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The Overlooked Organ That Plays a Major Role in Back Pain

Just because your low back hurts, it doesn’t mean a back problem is causing your pain. Instead, researchers are now looking at this interconnected system in your body that malfunctions in those with back pain. And when it loses its suppleness, pain can jump from area to area. Do this today to help fix the cause of your pain.


what is fascia

Positive Opioid Tests After Eating Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds come from the poppy plant where opioid products are harvested. Lower reference lab values may result in a positive test after eating poppy seeds. I’ll share the health benefits of the seed and how to use them safely at home.


positive opioid tests after eating poppy seeds

Butterfly Pea Tea: Be Captivated by This Color-Changing Drink

You’ll love the mesmerizing appearance of this beverage, especially when it transforms from blue to purple to red – a real feast for the eyes. Plus, this refreshing treat may have potential health benefits, too.


butterfly pea tea

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This Crucial Vitamin Helps Your Body Remove Heavy Metals From Your Brain and Bones

Glyphosate and other heavy metals don’t go away on their own, but tend to stay put, blocking vital nutrients and wreaking havoc on your bones, gut, brain, kidneys and tissues. By taking Folate 5 mg regularly, you support your body’s ability to cleanse itself, and help protect your cells’ DNA.

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7 Top Benefits of Eating Walnuts

Walnuts may help improve your health in a number of ways – here are seven benefits of walnuts.

7 walnuts benefits


Food and Nutrition FactsDr. Mercola’s Food Facts is a directory of the health foods that you must add to your wholesome meal plan.

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