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Much of the time in life, we allow ourselves to take situations VERY seriously. This will sometimes turn pain into suffering, or prolong the challenges we face for growth. It also stops us from truly finding peace in life.

In the wake of Hurricane Florence many pets were left behind. Thanks to a real life hero, Tony Alsup, the lives of dozens of animals were saved.

Recently, Democratic Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard lashed out against Trump for his rhetoric and policy in Syria that is the polar opposite of what he ascribed to in their meeting on Syria less than two years ago.

Latest Episode On The CE Podcast Network

Joe sits down with filmmaker and homeopath Ananda More to discuss her film Magic Pills and some of the deeper details behind homeopathy. With such a controversial past, homeopathy deserves an open and fair discussion about what’s really going on and what the science and case studies are saying about its effectiveness. Learn more and follow the updates at

Free David Wilcock Interview
We interviewed David Wilcock about the Fall Of The Cabal and Disclosure. This was a fascinating interview that is insanely relevant to today. Click here to watch

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