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The Levant is now Russia’s stage of influence and operations – And the US knows it

by TUT editor


Was Caesar a good ruler?

Julius Caesar was a very good ruler. He made himself consul and dictator. He never lost a battle. He used his power to carry out plans in much needed reform, relieving debt, enlarging the senate, building the Forum lulium, and revising the calendar among lots of other things.

SOTT – Russian military police forces have established eight static positions along the 1974 disengagement line and have registered a strong presence with UNDOF observer forces on the occupied Golan Heights line. Moreover, a Russian force headed by a Russian General arrived, for the second time this year, at the Lebanese Hezbollah post at the Syrian-Lebanese borders at al-Jdeideh.

The Russians wanted to establish communication equipment, dishes, and electronics in the same area controlled by Hezbollah. The Lebanese organisation maintains a substantial force in the area after defeating al-Qaeda and ISIS early this year. Hezbollah’s presence is said to be focused on preventing the smuggling of weapons and jihadist Takfiris between the two countries. It is clear that Russia is expanding its control, slowly but surely, over the Levant. However, it is still unclear how far the Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to go. CONTINUE READING

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