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In the exclusive interview with David Wilcock he explains the main agenda of the world’s elite to help you understand what is happening on our planet, and why the world is the way it is.

One of the greatest limitations on our planet are the current systems and structures in place.

They are designed to manipulate us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually into a state of lack and scarcity, ultimately holding us back from true freedom and empowerment to create an environment where everyone can thrive.

David brilliantly helps us see through the veil and not fall for the trickery imposed by the cabal on humanity to keep us in a fear-state, numb us down, and control us…

And most importantly he explains what we can do about it to help humanity break-free and shift the collective consciousness.

This information can be quite intense to take in at first.

It may anger you, scare you, or you may not even choose to believe that it is true.

It’s important to take the time to process your emotional reaction, but even more important to transcend the situation, overcome our fears, connect with our authentic selves, and live our lives from a heart-centered, empowered state of consciousness…

This IS the true and only solution…

…And that is what David explains in this interview:

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We have the ability to take our power back and create true freedom for everyone on our planet.

But first, we HAVE to face our current situations both individually and collectively and choose to opt-out of the old ways that have been forced upon us and live on a path that empowers yourself and helps empower others as well.

We need to do this together. 

It’s the only way. 

But it starts with you. 

All change starts within.

The question is… Have you had enough? Is it time for a shift?

I know we have and are willing to do whatever it takes to help transform humanity and create the best possible planet to live on.

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