Vaxxed People Spreading “Surge” in India

On Vaccines and the COVID-19 “Surge” in India


When COVID-19 first struck India, Cabal Times was among the first to draw a connection between the flawed RT-PCR tests throwing false positives, and the false positives being used by Globalist think tanks, media outlets and institutions to make the case for a total lock-down of Indian economic activity. On 27th March 2020, the New York Times claimed that 300 million to 500 million Indians were likely to get infected by the end of July. None of this bullshit happened, But they did manage to scare Indian authorities into inducing nightmarish lock-downs, which reduced economic activity by up to 40% and probably killed more people in the upheaval. Had India continued on this route, they would have ended up in receivership of the IMF and the World Bank, as intended. But it seems Indian leaders came to their senses and prevented the insanity from progressing, by significantly easing the lock-downs. Everything was going well. In late January 2021, there was indication that Delhi might develop herd immunity.

To quote,

The latest antibody testing data conducted in Delhi, India suggests that the nation’s capital may be very close to attaining herd immunity against COVID-19. The Delhi government has been regularly conducting antibody tests since August 2020 to assess the spread of the virus in the capital region. In the fifth and the largest survey so far, more than 28,000 samples were tested across 11 districts in Delhi between Jan. 11 and Jan. 22. Preliminary results show that more than 60% of residents in one district in Delhi had antibodies against the coronavirus. The antibody rate in other districts more than 50%. If these findings hold true, it would imply that half of the city’s 20 million people has been exposed to the virus and recovered.

So what went wrong?

They are back!

Some skeptics may want to know for sure whether there is indeed a surge or if we are facing another Globalist media blitz. The one fact which suggests something is up is the fixation on Delhi. Even the virus seems to be fixated on it. Globalists have taken India before, by strictly focusing their energies on Delhi alone. Its not any different now. Take the case of the creepy symbolism at Delhi International Airport. Or take the case of a brand new political party which emerged out of nowhere a decade ago, as a shoddy substitute to the Congress Party, but seems to be obsessed with Delhi alone, and not the Indian countryside. Predictably, the same political party is at the centre of the hysteria. But lets assume the Globalists have their people in power on a Municipal level at Delhi. That alone cannot allow them to hijack the machinery of the Central Government. There are several Constitutional safeguards to prevent that from happening. What they need is a crisis. And it seems they are keen to experiment with several crises.

But what if this is not another coordinated media blitz, and people are suddenly starting to die of Covid-19? Some have begun whispering that Covid-19 has made a comeback because of the vaccine roll-out! And indeed, Delhi was the focus of India’s vaccine roll-out. There are plenty of anecdotal cases from around the world which suggest a relationship between vaccinations and Covid-19 infections. A famous one is that of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife, who seems to have contracted Covid-19 after taking the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine. There is a recent case of a Canadian nurse who tested positive for Covid-19 after taking one shot of the Moderna vaccine.

Then there is this Redditor who has put together a rather convincing scenario.

Are many vaccinated people unintentionally spreading Covid-19? Or if we accept Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche’s dire warning, vaccines are reducing the natural immunity of their recipients against Covid-19, which could translate into a spike. Remember that Indian vaccines are being deceptively marketed as indigenous, but they are not.


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A crematorium ground for Covid-19 victims in East Delhi.APRIL 28, 2021

NY Times: ‘This Is a Catastrophe.’ In India, Illness Is Everywhere.


Oy vey. The terrible tales of this nearly year-and-a-half old Stupid-19 saga are getting nuttier than the Holohoax.

Let me see if I got this straight — After 16 months, the mega-densely-populated cities of India — which heretofore had experienced only a fraction of the “cases” and “deaths” that the United States had suffered (both in number and per capita (here)) — have just now, all-of-a-sudden, without explanation, become the overnight “epicenters” ™ of Stupid 19? India’s numbers had been so low that a BBC headline from just this past November — citing baffled “scientists” — asked:

* Coronavirus: Are Indians More Immune to Covid-19?
India’s case fatality rate or CFR, which measures deaths among Covid-19 patients, is less than 2%, which is among the lowest in the world.” (here)

I reckon this nasty little pathogen is like your foodie reporter here in some ways. You see, for decades, I would never even think of trying Indian food. Too exotic and “different” from my Italian-Irish-American cravings for various pasta dishes, chicken parm, meatballs — or even just good old American hot dogs & hamburgers. It was only in recent years that I discovered the Indian culinary wonders of Butter Chicken, Tika Masala, Onion Nan bread — and Rasmali for dessert. Yummm! And these North Indian specialties aren’t too spicy either. You really ought to try them.

So, perhaps the heretofore European-American “coronavirus” just had a similar mid-life epiphany and suddenly developed an appetite for the bronchial cells of Indian folks in its older years?

“Namaste y’all!” —– Relax Sanjay. It’s all fake.

A bit of doomsday drama, from the article (which is accompanied by crisis actor photos) — cue the scary music, please:

“Crematories are so full of bodies, it’s as if a war just happened. Fires burn around the clock. Many places are holding mass cremations, dozens at a time, and at night, in certain areas of New Delhi, the sky glows.

Sickness and death are everywhere.
Dozens of houses in my neighborhood have sick people.

One of my colleagues is sick.
One of my son’s teachers is sick.
The neighbor two doors down, to the right of us: sick.
Two doors to the left: sick.
“I have no idea how I got it,” said a good friend who is now in the hospital. “You catch just a whiff of this…..” and then his voice trailed off, too sick to finish.


The “Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times has warned all along that the Globalist Cabal — whose agents operate in high places in just about every country on Earth — would turn the faucet of fake fatality on and off at will, and wherever deemed necessary. This is not too difficult to do in India — a nation of generally obedient people which may have been “liberated” from Great Britain; but through its “elite” intellectual western “wannabees” and notoriously corrupt parliamentarians has always remained firmly plugged into the New World Order system — notwithstanding the nationalist bent of current Prime Minister Narendra Modi who, of course, is being blamed for his “poor response.”

1 & 2. Made-for-TV drama — just like when New York City was the “epicenter” in Spring of 2020. But if they really need to, they can easily hospital-murder a bunch of poor Indians rounded-up from the “untouchable”  caste — just like the Deep State ventilator-killed many poor New Yorkers during last year’s “crisis.” // 3. The nationalist Modi, who, like Trump, seems to have been maneuvered into going along with Stupid-19, is also, like Trump, being blamed for his “response.”

Similar “flare-ups” of Stupid-19 — coupled with accusations of “poor response” — have also been used in futile attempts to undermine Vladimir Putin in Russia and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. Not only is the pattern predictable, but if you listen to the Communist Party henchmen of the NWO Globalists, they will actually reveal the game. From “The Hindu”(newspaper) of April 24, 2021:

Communist Party of India General Secretary Sitaram Yechury on Saturday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to ensure uninterrupted supply of oxygen to all hospitals as well as provide vaccines to State governments for free, failing which the government will lose its moral authority to continue to be in power.

“I am writing to you in great pain, distress and anguish. This unprecedented health and humanitarian crisis created by the second wave of Covid-19 is turning into a tsunami. The situation has been aggravated by the approach and attitude of the Union Government,” Mr Yechury wrote calling the rising death toll “preventable”.

Hear that? It’s the exact same playbook that America’s Communists (Demonrats) used against Trump. And that, dear reader, is really all you need to know about how the big bad Covid Monster suddenly, after 16 months of low “cases,” finally discovered India.

1. Communist Party boss Sitaram Yechury blames Modi for Stupid-19 response. // 2 & 3. The Reds of India protest against Modi, and Trump.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that India is facing a real Covid catastropheall of a sudden.

Boobus Americanus 2: Evidently the virus is mutating into newer and more lethal variants.
St. Sugar: The only “variants” are the new lies which get sspun to replace the old oness, Boobuss!

 Editor: Pretty soon, the “variants” will be having “variants!”

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