Satanyahu of Israel Wants to Join Arabia To Annihilate Yemen-Poorest Arabian Country Seeking Peace! Starving Yemen Infant Pictured.

Netanyahu Declares Israel’s Readiness to Join Yehudi Arabia-Led Bloody War on Yemen

by TUT editor


MINT PRESS – An international coalition has been fighting against the Yemeni resistance movement since 2015. That coalition is nominally comprised of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates but receives assistance from the United States and the United Kingdom.

Netanyahu’s recent statements suggest that Israel would be joining the existing coalition were it to decide to involve itself in the Yemen conflict. Given Israel’s support for countries involved in genocidal wars in the past and its own treatment of Palestinians, it is unlikely that Israel’s government would feel constrained by any moral dilemmas if it chose to join the coalition’s war in Yemen despite the humanitarian crisis that war has provoked. CONTINUE READING

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