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        AUGUST, 2018   1 FED RESERVE NOTE



“We read and rebut their vile crap so you won’t have to!”



FRIDAY / AUGUST 10, 2018

NY Times: In Ferguson MO, a New Prosecutor ‘Gives Us Hope’ 4 Years After Shooting

NY Times: Trump Blasts Kneeling N.F.L. Players After National Anthem Protests Resume



Though Boobus Footballicus  may not be able calculate the 2 + 2 implicit in these two featured stories, the articles are indeed closely linked in a cause and effect dynamic which even Trump may be missing. Certain low-IQ primates of the NFL, now going into their third consecutive year of protesting the national anthem and flag, are not, as Trump incorrectly implies, “making a statement”  that offends military veterans.

Truth be told, if their raised fist and take-a-knee antics were directed at America’s unjust wars and occupations around the world — Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times would be enthusiastically applauding them. The blind, fake, self-worshipping pseudo-patriotism which the NFL promotes is as annoying as it is empty.

Unfortunately, unjust war and perpetual foreign occupations are not what these million-dollar morons are protesting.



“Yo man…the anthem be racist… and shit.”


Colin Kaepernick started it (Image 1) — One can only imagine how many fatherless Black kids these notoriously promiscuous multi-millionaire morons have sired and abandoned. They are also notorious for blowing millions of dollars on women, drugs, and extravagance, while doing little if anything to offer financial support or mentoring in the “oppressed” ™ Black communities.


The divisive controversy over the anthem actually began before San Francisco’s back-up quarterback Colin Kaepernick became the first player to “courageously”  kneel instead of standing as the pre-game anthem was being played. From 2012 to 2014, there were a number of “tragic shooting deaths”  of “unarmed”  Black thugs which were politicized by Mr. & Mr. Obongo — those vile Communist homosexuals who debased the White House for eight years — and their anti-White henchmen. But the one incident which really triggered the madness was the 100%-justified police shooting of St. Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. It was that “tragic shooting” ™ which catapulted the Soros-funded / Deep-State-organized “Black Lives Matter” terrorist group to national prominence and a White House meeting with Bath-house Barry himself.

During the customarily idiotic and degenerate halftime-show of the 2016 Stupor Bowl, the occultist skank Beyonce brought “awareness”  of the “crisis”  of the police shootings of so many young Black angels to the NFL. Clad in black leather and draped with bullets, the glorified go-go girl, who is as “as thick as thieves” with Mr. & Mr. Obongo, used the occasion to pay a half-time tribute to the cop-killing Communist Black Panthers. Later that year, as the 2016 football season kicked off, is when Kaepernick — suddenly sporting a 60’s style Afro hairdo — started taking a knee.



1. St. Michael Brown was caught on video robbing a store, moments before he tried to murder a police officer. 2. Before the U.N., the Cop-Killer-In-Chief cited the Ferguson circus as an example of America’s shortcomings on the issue of race. 3. Disgusting bullet-clad Beyonce and her Black Pantherettes do a soft-porno tribute to cop killing.


Frankly, the whole trite tradition of playing the National Anthem before every single sports game is a malignant form of self-worship and mind control that was first instituted at baseball games on the suggestion of Woodrow Wilson. The purpose was to whip up fake patriotism for World War I — a tragic event fought only for the benefit of Globalism and Zionism. Even back then, “they” (cough cough)understood the power of sports (bread & circuses) over the public mind.

Nonetheless, with a very critical Congressional election approaching this November, Trump’s deliberate escalation of the propaganda war with the moronic thugs of the NFL and the libtard sports-media is a smart strategic battle. You see, White NFL fans are generally a patriotic and militaristic crowd. So, to the extent which Trump’s war helps to “get-out-the-vote” and strengthen his hand in 2019 and beyond, we highly approve of his incitement of both the kneeling knuckleheads and the feverish flag-wavers. We just wish that the pro-cop-killing origin of these NFL protests would be emphasized and better known because cops and innocent Whites are still being hate-murdered due to this type of “Black activism” ™. 

(Admin:  It’s also Asian cops being murdered and Asians being gang raped in Communist California as well.  An Asian cop was just given almost 300 years for rapes that I am certain he didn’t commit accused by a group of crack addicted felons & prostitutes who were actually coached and almost forced to say “He did it!”  see report by Michelle Malkin, the almost only reporter to take up this inflammatory story.  Clearly the elitists in charge not only have it in for Whites they have it in for law abiding Asians as well.)


1. 1917: The “patriot” Woodrow Wilson combined sports with the national anthem so that the boobs would support his glorious European war for Globalism and Zionism. 2 & 3. The drunken little White boys in fat men’s bodies need to sober up, grow up, shape up and fight for something real


 Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump is picking a new fight with the NFL over the anthem protests.


Boobus Americanus 2: What an asshole! He’s only provoking this because the mid-term elections are coming up.

American Anti-Asian Justice

Daniel Holtzclaw cries during his sentencing

Former Oklahoma City cop, Daniel Holtzclaw, was found guilty on 18 out of 36 counts of rape and sexual battery, and sentenced to over 260 years in prison. (Source: NBC news)

A jury found former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw guilty Thursday of some of the most serious charges against him, including sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy and rape.

Holtzclaw faced 36 counts. He was found guilty on 18.

The former officer cried openly in the courtroom and rocked in his chair as the verdict was being read. Jurors deliberated for more than 40 hours over four days.

The Oklahoma City Police Department welcomed the verdict. “We are satisfied with the jury’s decision and firmly believe justice was served,” it said.

Sentencing is set for next month.

[RELATED: Police Brutality Also an Issue for Women of Color]

His trial touched upon the explosive intersection of race, policing and justice in America.

Holtzclaw, whose father is white and mother Japanese, was accused of assaulting or raping 13 women, all black, while he was on the job. Court records identify his race as “Asian or Pacific Islander.”

The jury was all-white, composed of eight men and four women.

These racial dimensions energized civil rights and women’s activists to draw attention to the case. Before the verdict was read, Oklahoma City NAACP President Garland Pruitt was concerned about the jury in the case, he told CNN affiliate KOCO.

“We’re very disappointed, very, very disappointed, that we don’t have any minorities on there,” Pruitt said. “We’re not saying justice can’t prevail, but we can be suspicious of it being (run) in a manner.”

Benjamin Crump, president of the National Bar Association, was also monitoring the case. He represented the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Martin, a black teenager, was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of charges in 2013. Brown was killed by an officer in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014.

“We will be here to make sure that this is not swept under the rug,” Crump told reporters after attending a portion of the trial last month. “We come here to stand with these 13 victims of rape, who happen to be African-American women, to say that their lives matter, too.”

In the first pool of 24 potential jurors, there were three black men, but they were not picked for the jury. Two alternates have Spanish surnames. About 70 potential jurors were initially called in for the case, the affiliate reported. Prosecutors would not comment on the jury composition.

At the center of the case was how all victims, ages 17 to 50s, had criminal histories of drug use or prostitution, according to The Oklahoman newspaper.

Black Lives Matter is a Racist Hate Group Funded by the Extremely Evil George Soros who said his happiest time was working with Nazi’s to steal from incarcerated Jewish.  Can’t make this up!



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