Catholics Rally Against Proposed Satanic Statue at Veterans Park: See Satanic Pentagram at Pentagon

My Comment:  I hope these Christians don’t support Zionism the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ as foretold by Jesus.  I also hope they don’t support the empire’s criminal wars or turn their backs on the starving women, children and old men created by America’s wars of conquest.  War is Satanic evil and who fights these wars???  I am so tired of dealing with the deluded people of America.  Note this woman’s Satanic symbolism in her earrings!

My Comment:  Don’t these Catholics realize that Wars Are A Mass Ritual Sacrifice to Satan?  How Appropriate to have a Satanic Symbol at a Veteran’s Park.  Furthermore, the United States is a Zionist Occupied Government.  Zionists are Talmudic Sabbatean Frankists or more simply put:  SATANISTS and hardcore at that!  See Below from Rabbi Finklestein:


Children Sacrificed and their flesh ( Baby Meat) severed at McDonalds, etc. @ 39:00 .. & 46:00 READ: PROTOCOLS OF THE

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