How the Zionist Communists Overthrew Rhodesia and Turned it Into the Marxist Shit Hole Called Zimbabwe Whilst Same Marxists Shed Crocodile Tears Over Dictator Mugabe Ruining Country When They Instilled Him From Within & Without-A COUP!

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NY Times: Zimbabwe Elections, Mostly Peaceful, Bring Voters Out in Droves


From the Slimes article:
HARARE, Zimbabwe — Huge numbers of Zimbabweans turned out for the first elections since the fall of the longtime ruler Robert Mugabe, in voting that was largely peaceful, though marked by problems in the capital.
It is commonly understood that the southern African nation of Zimbabwe has, for a long time now, been a Marxist shithole state plagued by corruption, hyper-inflation, crime, disease and tyranny. The situation there is so bad that many Zimbabweans have emigrated south — to shitty (though not as shitty as Zimbabwe) South Africa.
For most folks under the age of forty-five — even advanced truther students — the critical history behind the tragedy is not fully known. The events of the late 1970’s — evidently deemed “not fit to print” by the scum at Sulzberger’s Slimes — were omitted from the opening summary sentence of this article and the rest of the piece as well. But Sugar and I, er “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times is pleased to retrieve the missing pieces from the Orwellian “memory hole” and bring them to “youse guys” for historical review.
Sugar, fire up the Time Machine and set the dial to 1965.
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There is a back-story behind Robert Mugabe’s 40-year reign of ruin, debased currency (a $100 Trillion Dollar Bill!!!) and oppression that the Fake News has flushed down the memory hole.


Once upon a time in deep southern Africa, there was a self-governed British colony known as Rhodesia (or Southern Rhodesia). The Marxist-Globalist-engineered “decolonization”  of Africa in the early 1960s scared the holy heck out of the Rhodesian White minority population which had built the country. So, in an effort to protect their property and their safety from the transition to “Black majority rule” , the predominantly White government issued a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI)from the United Kingdom in November of 1965. 

The outraged Globalists, Communists and their controlled hordes of sanctimonious libtarded dupes wasted no time in demanding that “racist” ™ Rhodesia — a thriving and civilized anti-Communist Christian country in which the Black population lived relatively well — abandon its “racist”  system (800,000 Whites / 8,500,000 Blacks) and allow “one man, one vote.” To help “persuade” the big bad White Rhodesians to self-destroy their beautiful country, a proxy war known as “The Rhodesian Bush War”was unleashed against the country.
The fight pitted African “nationalists”  (aided by Communist Cuba) against the government. Globalist U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his evil Globalist “National Security Adviser” Zbigniew Brzezinski (Mika’s dad) then imposed economic sanctions against Rhodesia to create the classic, textbook “pressure from without / pressure from within” dynamic that has successfully overthrown so many targeted governments before and since.
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As Globalists Carter, Brzezinski and the Marxist-Libtard “protesters” applied economic pressure from the outside, the Globo-Commie Axis undermined White Rhodesia with the well-funded “Rhodesian Bush War” from the inside.
Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith finally conceded to multiracial democracy in 1978. This too failed to satisfy “the international community”  or to stop the bloodshed. You see, it wasn’t enough for Blacks to be integrated into the government’s high places. The anti-White western Globalists — Jewish supremacists very prominent among them — wanted an all-Black government.
In December 1979, Smith stepped down as a provisional Black Prime Minister negotiated an agreement with the controlled “nationalists” to hold elections with universal “one man – one vote” suffrage. Rhodesia finally achieved “internationally recognized” independence in April 1980 and was renamed “the Republic of Zimbabwe.” The new Prime Minister, Marxist terrorist Robert Mugabe, later became President and went on to misrule Zimbabwe for forty long years. To the slogan “one man one vote,” we could add “one-time” — until now, that is.
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1. Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith was crucified by the Globalist Piranha Press.  2. By contrast, the Communist beast Robert Mugabe was welcomed to Carter’s White House and puffed-up by the very same Jew York Slimes that now sheds crocodile tears over the terrible conditions he created in Zimbabwe.
The Bolshevik bastard Mugabe, who is still alive, presided over the “White flight” of the nation’s most capable farmers and professionals. Many of them fled to South Africa, which remained under White governorship until 1990. Ironically, though the confiscation of White farms and property may have enriched the ruling Black gangster class; it only made living conditions extremely intolerable for the average Black citizen.
So, the next time you come across a sob story about the cruelty and incompetence of Robert Mugabe (whom the Globalists have, in recent years, turned against and now discarded) or the deplorable living conditions in Zimbabwe — just remember that the sad and unjust tragedy that is Zimbabwe could never have come about without the relentless pressure of Carter, Brzezinski, Sulzberger’s Slimes, The Washington Compost, and the anti-White libtard activists of 1970’s U.S. & U.K.
And now you know, as radio personality Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story.

(Admin Comment:  Anytime any colony wants out of Imperial Zionist Rule they are suddenly facing a Coup like this African Country.  Same is going on in America.  We are basically a colony of British ZIONIST Empire and President Trump wants to free us from colonial rule so British Intelligence working with CIA/FBI are running a coup against Trump.)

  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Zimbabwe just held its first election in a long time.

 Boobus Americanus 2: It’s wonderful to see these people experiencing democracy for the first time.

Sugar: What’ss sso frickin’ great about it, Boobuss?! They’re only gonna vote in a bunch of new crookss and ass-clowns to replace the old.
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