How They D’Joo it–Anti-Free Speech Hebress forces censorship of material from TUT

by TUT editor

Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

In this latest installment of exploring and exposing the nature by which Organized Jewish Interests (hertofore referred to simply as ‘OJI’) operate, i.e. under completely false pretenses and through subversive and underhanded methods) we received the following notice from WordPress concerning our re-posting of the recent piece by one Varda Epstein entitled ‘Should Israel Carpet-Bomb Gaza’?


We’ve received the DMCA takedown notice below regarding material published on your WordPress.com site, which means the complainant is asserting ownership of this material and claiming that your use of it is not permitted by them or the law. As required by the DMCA, we have disabled public access to the material.

Repeated incidents of copyright infringement will also lead to the permanent suspension of your WordPress.com site. We certainly don’t want that to happen, so please delete any other material you may have uploaded for which you don’t have the necessary rights and refrain from uploading additional material that you do not have permission to upload. Although we can’t provide legal advice, these resources might help you make this determination.

If you believe that this DMCA takedown notice was received in error, or if you believe your usage of this material would be considered fair use, it’s important that you submit a formal DMCA counter notice to ensure that your WordPress.com site remains operational. If you submit a valid counter notice, we will return the material to your site in 10 business days if the complainant does not reply with legal action.

Please note that republishing the material yourself, without permission from the copyright holder (even after you have submitted a counter notice) will result in the permanent suspension of your WordPress.com site and/or account.

The readers will recall that the basic thrust of Mz. Schlepstein’s piece was that Israel should not do it, meaning holocausting Gaza through ‘carpetbombing’, and not because it–murdering thousands of innocent men, women, and children–was morally wrong (given all that ‘Thou shalt not murder’ business, dontcha know) but rather because of the PR disaster with which Israel would be forced to contend afterwards, a ‘minor’ detail we made sure to point out in our own accompanying ed note commentary.

The piece was given full attribution to both our angry Hebress as well as the Zionist rag website from whence we lifted the material. Nevertheless, Mz. Schlepstein demanded removal under the auspices that her absolutely BRILLIANT Joospeak exposition was ‘plagiarized’.

For those who may have forgotten, plagiarism is very specific, namely the act of stealing someone else’s work and then trying to pass it off as your own. Obviously given the fact that we posted Mz. Schlepstein’s name and the Zionist rag website on which it originally appeared right up there front and center for all to see indicates that this was not by any stretch of any rational argument ‘plagiarism’.

So what, curious Gentile minds wonder, got Mz. Schlepstein’s Hebraic panties in such a pinch?

Simple–Jews don’t like Goy eavesdropping in on conversations meant only for Jewish ears, and they definitely don’t like it when Goy understand what is being said and then tell other Goy what they heard. Since the Judaic existence is one based completely on a mixture of even parts fiction, fantasy and falsehood which they pass around amongst each other like a bottle of back-wash Manischiewitz, even one micro-gram of the truth coming into the picture threatens to undo the entire acid trip which forms the personal reality which they believe to be the gospel truth (no pun intended) and therefore must be removed from the paradigm.

What this little drama underscores is the confirmation of the basic thesis that forms virtually all discussion on this humble little endeavor known as TUT, with its nearly 6,000 subscribers and 20,000,000 hits, which is the utter dishonesty, duplicity, and corruption that attends all business involving OJI, or, as we like to rhymingly put it–

‘Fish swim, birds fly, and Jews lie’.

Just so that it goes into the record, we responded to the notice from WP with the following–

‘My reposting of this piece in its entirety along with my own commentary falls under the fair use section as described in your own support page, to wit–

‘Using content for criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research is usually fair. Additionally, using material in a transformative manner, that is to say, in a manner that adds new expression, meaning, or insight, is also more likely to be considered fair use over an exact reproduction of a work. What’s more, nonprofit use is favored over commercial use.’

It is a not-for-profit website and has over 30,000 published stories from hundreds of mainstream news websites along with my own commentary. What has our author vexed is the manner in which we deconstructed the thesis of her piece in our own commentary, which was whether or not Israel should indiscriminately bomb and possibly kill thousands of innocent men, women and children in Gaza. There was no plagiarism, misrepresentation or mis-quoting of her piece as it was reposted in its entirety VERBATUM.

I therefore request that in the interests of free speech, free inquiry, and in accordance with 17 U.S. Code § 107 dealing with ‘Limitations on exclusive rights’, i.e. the ‘Fair Use’ clause that the post be made available for public viewing again immediately.


We don’t expect it to do any good, given the inherently weak posture which Gentiles unfortunately maintain when dealing with the typical Judaic business of browbeating, threatening and screeching whenever God’s Chosen people don’t get their way 666% of the time, but for the record, we did our best.

Developments as they occur…

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