Answer: Because the Global Warming ™ / Climate Change ™ HOAX was set-up to serve as a back-door to One World Government via world taxation and regulation of CO2 (plant food). That’s why!

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 NY Times: Scorching Summer in Europe Signals Long-Term Climate Changes
During the cold and snowy winter of 2015, Washington DC was buried by an unusual late-February snowstorm. As part of an ill-advised mocking of the Global Warming / Climate Change  cult, Senator Dan Inhofe (R-OK) brought a snowball to the Senate floor, made a few remarks about the snow and cold, and then gently lobbed his snowy prop across the Senate floor.
We say that the Senator’s stunt was “ill-advised” because it gave all of TV and print Libtardom an opening to counter-attack with the perfectly logical rebuttal: “Inhofe does not understand the difference between day-to-day weather and long-term climate!” — shrieked the putrid propagandists of the Piranha Press. The Warmists, though clearly wrong / lying about Global Warming  / Climate Change , were indeed correct on this particular point of argument. Weather is to climate what a single baseball game is to a 162-game season. We don’t crown championship teams based on their winning of any particular single game. Inhofe, who actually authored a book on the subject titled,The Greatest Hoax, knows that.

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The sarcastic and unfunny commie-libtards of TV land enjoyed a good laugh over Inhofe’s admittedly unscientific Senate snowball.

For a whole week, the good Senator was trashed by the Fake News with an intensity akin to what “they” once dumped on the late great Senator Joseph McCarthy for the entire year of 1954 (yet another shameless plug for our upcoming epic on McCarthy!) Here is just a small sampling:
  • Scientific American: Climate Skeptic Senator Burned after Snowball Stunt
  • The Inhofe’s Snowball
  • Vox: The Dumbest Thing That Happened on the Senate Floor Today
  • U.S. News: Don’t let James Inhofe and Other Climate Change Nihilists Win
  • The Economist: The Republicans and Climate Change – Snow Blindness 

  • Huffington Post: Sen. Jim Inhofe Pulled This Embarrassing Stunt
  • The Atlantic: Obama On Inhofe Snowball Stunt: “˜That’s Disturbing’
OK. OK! We get it. — Because weather and climate are not the same thing, a freak late February cold snap and snowstorm in DC does not invalidate the warmist theory concerning climate. Point conceded — but shouldn’t that same line of right reasoning also apply towards unusual spells of hot weather? Evidently not. From the article:
“In Northern Europe, this summer feels like a modern-day version of the biblical plagues. Cows are dying of thirst in Switzerland, fires are gobbling up timber in Sweden, the majestic Dachstein glacier is melting in Austria.
In London, stores are running out of fans and air-conditioners. In Greenland, an iceberg may break off a piece so large that it could trigger a tsunami that destroys settlements on shore.”
Oh the bloody drama! That was the bait — now here comes the hook:
“Jean Jouzel, who was vice chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007 when it won the Nobel Prize … “Occasional heat waves could push temperatures in Europe toward 120 degrees unless there is a dramatic slowdown in global warming trends, he said.”

Global Warming , eh? Newsflash for ya, commie: Deadly heat waves in the Northern Hemisphere took many lives long before the Globalists cooked-up the Warmist Scare. See link (Here). Nice try though.


1896 — 1901 — 1954

Breathless reports of extreme heat and mass death — brought to the public from the Ochs-Sulzberger Jew York Slimes — long before harmless manmade plant-food was even close to today’s levels.


One final point of logic and 5th grade math ought to be mentioned here. The Earth is a big place. It’s so big that the European Union itself only accounts for about 1% of the planet’s surface area — hardly a large enough representative sample to draw any accurate conclusions. Show us a planet-wide trend!

But as Western / Central Europe bakes, we here in the New York / New Jersey area have been experiencing a “normal” summer with temps ranging between the 80’s to the 90’s on any given day. Why doesn’t the Slimes cherry-pick temperature readings from its own backyard to make the case that nothing unusual is happening?

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